Accelerating the speed to insight with tableau

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Earlier today, we formally ANNOUNCED an important technology partnership with Tableau Software.

We’re truly excited about the potential for this partnership. Tableau as you probably know, makes it extremely easy for any user to visualize and consume complex sets of data. They strive to empower end-users to seamlessly build powerful visualizations into through self-service analysis tools; thereby enabling them to derive required business benefits without dealing with the frustrations normally associated with trying to study large, complex data sets.

And that dovetails perfectly with both our technology and philosophy of associating structure and meaning to structured, unstructured and semi-structured machine date that emanates from devices connected to the Internet of things. GLASSBEAM has always believed that the true benefits of machine data can only be realized when this data is properly collected, parsed and presented in a way that is intuitive to understand for both technical and business users.

We’re convinced that this partnership will accelerate the “speed to insight” for various groups – support, services, product management, etc at companies that build and market complex technology devices. They will begin deriving valuable business insights from their install base in very quick time, and importantly be able to view these insights through easy-to-consume visual reports. All in all a win-win-win for Glassbeam, Tableau and customers that leverage the benefits of our integration.