Healthcare Industry’s First Industrial IoT Analytics Blueprint – CLEAN™

Puneet Pandit

Last week was the launch of our much awaited IoT analytics blueprint for healthcare industry. We call it CLEAN, as an acronym lifted off from CLinical Engineering ANalytics. This blueprint is already in production at leading healthcare providers like Novant Health based out of Charlotte, NC.

The reason this blueprint was born because connectivity, data aggregation, analysis, and visualization – four key aspects of a IoT data value chain – are a huge challenge when it comes to creating business value out of connected medical assets such as MRI, CT Scanner, Ultrasound machines etc. Glassbeam solves these challenges with a repeatable, cookie cutter implementation process that can be rolled out to any hospital network that has hundreds of such machines from different manufacturers like GE and Siemens. Typical time for such implementations is 2-4 weeks or less.

Business impact is huge. A typical site with 5 MRI and 5 CT Scanners can recover $4.3M in incremental revenues over 3 years along with $625K in costs savings over 3 years by optimizing spend on Service Keys with manufacturers , reducing number of Cryogen refills in MRI machines, and getting proactive and predictive alerts on impending CT tube replacements.

Here are some sample application screenshots that get implemented with this blueprint:

For more information on this announcement, click here for the press release.

In addition, you can download a copy of the blueprint here.