Clinsights Software Opens New Frontiers Of Collaboration Between Radiology And Clinical Engineering Groups

For the first time in the Healthcare industry, two distinctly different groups in a healthcare provider organization come under the eye of a single pane of glass. The roles are Clinical Engineering practitioners responsible for machine uptime and other is the Radiology and Imaging groups responsible for maximizing machine utilization and therefore revenues. The common goal is always improving patient care and clinical outcomes for the benefits of its customers.

This single pane of glass is a unified workflow software suite for healthcare providers called ClinsightsTM. Not just that, Clinsights is mobile ready and can operate on an iPhone, Android, and tablet. We recently launched Clinsights at AAMI Exchange 2019 at Cleveland and it was very well received. You can go over here to the Press Release (https://www.glassbeam.com/press-release/glassbeam-announces-new-application-suite-for-healthcare-providermarket/) to get the launch details.

In this post, I’d like to illustrate the nuts and bolts of what Clinsights offers for you as a healthcare professional.

At the outset, this solution started off in 2017 as a primary use case to assess the machine health for MRI and CT Scanners. It has now evolved into an entire software suite encompassing various facets of both biomedical technicians as well as imaging decision makers to improve the facility, machine, and operator utilization.

Glassbeam software platform has always been good at one thing. That is, ingesting and transforming diverse data sources into actionable insights. In 2018, we upped the ante and started to ingest DICOM data sets first, then added HL7 protocol messages to the mix, and then went further to include environment sensor readings. What did these produce?

For the first time on the radiology floor, decision-makers can get access to a range of dashboards combining imaging archival data, scheduling data, temperature/humidity readings with machine logs. These dashboards are currently in production: Asset Utilization dashboard, Operator Analysis dashboard, Repeat Exams dashboard, Physician Referral dashboard, Service KPI dashboard, and so much more. Go over here to the app’s page to learn (https://www.glassbeam.com/clinsights/) the metrics that each of the dashboard reports produces.

Versatility of Clinsights

Firstly, the app is modality and manufacturer agnostic. And, the app can consume data at dragon speed, i.e., connect hundreds of MRI, CTs, X-rays, mammography, anesthesia, and pretty much anything on the radiology floor, it accommodates a variety of use cases, and many more yet to be discovered. Stay tuned to know about the use cases that are under development by subscribing to our quarterly newsletter. (mailto:[email protected])

Clinsights is currently offered in two distinct flavors: Utilization Analytics and Service Analytics. As a large Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) you could consider both the solutions as it combines the following advantages:

Utilization Analytics benefits (combines DICOM and Machine Logs data analysis)

  • Automates compliance reporting
  • Tracks ROI from the existing fleet in real-time
  • Base new asset purchase decisions on true utilization metrics
  • Automate reports for CMS, JC in real-time
  • Gather data from multiple internal applications for reporting
  • Benchmark technologists performing the procedures against other hospitals

Service Analytics benefits (based on Machine Logs data analysis)

  • Improves machine uptime
  • Implements real-time monitoring particularly MRI Cryogen
  • Monitors environmental sensor data for mobile MRI units
  • Technicians use error/machine logs for troubleshooting
  • Transition to preventive service and maintenance powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology
  • Multi-modality and multi-vendor software suite for a single view across the fleet

What really does the customer (the patient) experience with Clinsights?

The tech can only be good if there is a clear and measurable impact experienced by the customers, the patients who seek the services at the hospital.

Here are some of the parameters our customers are using to gauge the success of Clinsights:

  • Smoother flow of patients through emergency rooms, inpatient, imaging centers, and labs exams centers due by better management of the service schedules
  • Eliminating the uneven utilization of MRI machines by identifying peak hours and non-peak hour distribution, resulting in fewer wait times
  • Identifying how long different operators conduct an exam and offer retraining in specific areas of operation to improve efficiency and patient satisfaction

The results have never been this clear at a radiology door. What are your thoughts?

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You can reach me at [email protected] to know more about Clinsights or just to share your comments on this blog post. Meanwhile, go over to this page to learn more about the software suite.

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