Harris Health System Brings Home Clinsights to Transform Staff Productivity and Safety with Remote Diagnostics

Today, it is with great pleasure we announce that Harris Health System, a billion-dollar public healthcare network based out of Texas selected Glassbeam ClinsightsTM to transform its quality of patient care programs.

This announcement comes at a time when the COVID19 pandemic is still lurking in the background and healthcare facilities continue to grapple with the impact that the virus has made on their operations. Harris Health is known for its innovation and we are set to help propel that image several notches higher with Glassbeam analytics offering in Clinsights™, ready to be deployed across their entire fleet of imaging equipment in full-service hospitals, primary healthcare centers, and mobile units.

Most public healthcare systems in the country do not enjoy the stellar reputation Harris Health has built over its 50 year period. Harris Country, from which Harris Health System comes, deals with several healthcare challenges essentially due to a large population being under-served. Although the reach of Harris Health System has widened over the years to cover large parts of the county, the effort needed to give patients more efficient access to its healthcare facilities requires a seismic shift in how it deploys its staff and augments its resources. This is where Glassbeam will play the critical role of the enabler with AI-driven machine data analytics to address challenges in servicing its vast fleet of medical equipment, provide insights into the optimal use of its imaging assets, and deliver superior patient care.

I am particularly delighted by this announcement as Harris Health, being a public healthcare institution, is shaping the way to elevate healthcare at a regional level using technology and collaboration. This is a great start to our new year and more announcements to follow as we take long strides in 2021.

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