RENOVO Case Study

Onboarding AI/ML Solution Drives Machine Uptime to 99.9% for Independent Service Providers in Healthcare Technology Management

Executive Summary

Renovo Solutions provides healthcare technology management to help reduce costs, increase quality and improve medical equipment performance in healthcare facilities nationwide. They leverage Glassbeam Clinsights application suite to intelligently optimize service and utilization programs across a heterogeneous fleet of medical equipment comprising different modalities and manufacturers, while significantly improving the delivery of patient care and customer satisfaction.

Clinsights Delivered:

  • Remote Monitoring and data consolidation to manage a mulit-vendor, multi-modality fleet
  • Predictive Maintenance to avoid unplanned downtime by providing predictive and proactive alerts
  • System Health Dashboard to differentiate monitoring and analytics to sustain legacy customers and add new logos to the business

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What Our Customer Said

The ability to proactively and predictively manage CT and MR equipment maximized clinical uptime, which is so crucial to our client’s patient-centric business mission. Glassbeam Clinsights remote monitoring and analytics offerings are not only key differentiators for us against the competition, but also assures the highest decile imaging equipment uptime for our highly valued client base.

Al Moretti Vice President, Advance Imaging and Radiation Oncology

The Problem

As a nationally renowned independent service provider in Healthcare Technology Management (HTM), RENOVO Solutions needed a technology platform to enable early detection of the machine and part failures while also uncovering deeper insights to advise its customers on improving machine utilization. Glassbeam Clinsights solutions automated RENOVO Solutions’ medical equipment service processes to address:

  • Unplanned machine downtime leading to significant disruption in patient flow
  • Inability to properly diagnose machine issues due to lack of remote monitoring & management tools
  • High costs & variability in parts replacement budgets

“Before the Glassbeam Clinsights solution manual processes predominated. Mining equipment service data from our computerized medical management system was a manual process”, states Al Moretti, Vice President, Advance Imaging and Radiation Oncology.

Moretti went on to report that their clinical engineering and operations lacked visibility and predictability into machine performance which drove a high degree of reactivity. Equipment failures caused downtime that impacted the patient.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) offered the ability to centrally manage machines at customers’ sites, but the cost and limitations of these programs are limited to their specific modalities. Renovo solutions needed to manage uptime and utilization from a centralized console, as a fleet-wide view, across all OEMs and modalities, and most importantly benefit from data collected from multiple endpoints to anticipate and prepare for failures.

RENOVO Solutions Challenge Summary

  • Needed consolidated data from multi-vendor to manage multi-modality fleet
  • Sought proactive and predictive alerts to avoid unplanned downtimes
  • Needed to fend off competitive threat with monitoring and analytics offering differentiation

The Solution

Glassbeam Clinsights makes it easier to automate medical equipment service processes and empower their national workforce. The solution brings the full power of proactive and predictive maintenance for their customers’ clinical engineering and biomedical teams who are tasked with intelligently managing and servicing multi-modality medical equipment. “A lot of our growth is organic growth or same-store growth with evolving new opportunities. This solution allows us to grow the business without significant competitive threat,” says Al Moretti.

The Glassbeam Clinsights solution powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning shifts the economics of Renovo Solutions customers’ machine downtime ratios between unplanned and planned windows. “Prior to putting Glassbeam Clinsights solution in production, we were being significantly challenged with the legacy base when renewal of contracts would come around. We knew we would always be challenged unless we had a solution to fill the gap,” reports Al Morretti.


Expanded Glassbeam Clinsights application suite to Over 1300 Customer locations in 49 states

  • Automated medical equipment service processes
  • Trained all clinical engineering and biomedical teams to intelligently manage and service multi-modality medical equipment from a single pane of glass

Machine Learning of Glassbeam Clinsights resulted in:

  • Predictive maintenance with part failure prediction
  • Proactive maintenance with anomaly detection
  • Proactive maintenance with suspicious event detection

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