Gateway Case Study

Driving Superior Quality of Service and Patient Care with AI/ML Powered Cloud-Based Analytics Solution
Gateway Diagnostic Imaging Case Study

Executive Summary

Glassbeam helps Gateway Diagnostic Imaging (GDI) increase machine uptime, increase its patient throughput, and save thousands of dollars in operational costs through preventive data driven actions.

Clinsights Delivered:

  • Asset Utilization Dashboard provides service engineers real-time utilization data across the entire fleet of imaging equipment
  • Referral Physician Dashboard identifies physicians who are dropping out or entering new
  • Machine Update Dashboard delivers multi-modality, multimanufacturer views

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What Our Customer Said

Glassbeam ClinsightsTM aids our preventive maintenance teams in critical decision making and implementing operational efficiencies in our imaging facilities. We needed a disruptive solution that gives us the predictive insights we need to reliably act on problems affecting machine downtime and referral network performance, which in turn enables us to quickly deliver faster imaging services to our patients when they need it, without a delay. Now, Clinsights helps us to focus on our priorities for the future, both in the imaging business and patient experiences.

Corey Holtman Co-Founder & CFO

The Problem

Our customer, Gateway Diagnostic Imaging (GDI), is an independent imaging provider in Dallas, Texas area that continues to thrive in the highly competitive outpatient imaging market. GDI has over 7 outpatient imaging centers in the Dallas area that are constantly under pressure to optimize uptime and utilization of their imaging fleet. Its biggest competitive advantage is its ability to save hundreds of dollars for its patients per exam while offering superior quality of service.

Patient cost savings are attributed to the fact that GDI is not owned by a hospital network. To drive superior quality of service and patient care, in 2017 GDI embarked on an enterprisewide ‘data-driven initiative’. GDI sought to set a financial and operational course to leverage consumption and usage of analytics for its biomedical engineering teams with machine data analytics to achieve true predictive maintenance on the imaging machines as well as drive superior patient care through deep analysis of its physician referral networks.

GDI Challenge Summary

  • Immersed in the highly competitive outpatient imaging market
  • Sought to achieve true predictive maintenance on its imaging machines
  • Aimed to drive superior patient care through deep analysis of its physician referral networks.

The Solution

AI/ML Powered Analytics Solution

Our customer chose Glassbeam Clinsights™ as the Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) powered cloud-based analytics solution to trap machine & environmental failures with the objective of increasing machine uptime from 98% to 99% at its imaging facilities.

Asset Utilization Dashboard

Clinsights provided their service engineers real-time utilization data across the entire fleet of imaging equipment by facility manufacturer type, procedure count and exam type. As a result, load balancing operational decisions became effective by identifying the facilities and machines that are under or overutilized. Also, GDI now has the ability to track utilization per machine and facility over time, to make effective capital expenditure decisions.

Referral Physician Dashboard

Clinsights provided a real-time referral physician dashboard that is drillable to find which physicians are dropping out, which ones are entering new – over time, by the facility, and exam type.

Machine Uptime Dashboard

Clinsights provided the single pane of glass for multi-modality, multimanufacturer views allowing clinical engineering groups to shift unplanned downtimes to planned maintenance windows, thereby saving valuable hours per machine for increased revenues and providing better patient care. Additionally, the application provides proactive and predictive alerts on anomalies and part failures based on a cloud-based platform powered by 100+ algorithms for MRI and CT scanners manufactured by GE Healthcare, Siemens Healthineers, and Phillips Healthcare.


Deployed Glassbeam Clinsights application suite toGain 70-80 hours of revenue-generating time per machine per year

Recovery of Lost Revenues

Clinsights provided Gateway Diagnostic Imaging (GDI) the analytics platform to gain 70-80 hours of productive (revenue generating) time per machine per year by turning unplanned machine downtimes and avoiding a potential loss of $70-80K per machine per year. Plus a robust system is now in place to trap machine errors that can lead to part failures.

Optimal Utilization of Facilities and Machines

With the Glassbeam solution, GDI was able to see the direct impact by realizing higher throughput per facility thereby enhancing patient care and increasing revenues. Operators and technicians were identified for retraining and machine issues were identified that were causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual revenue leakage.

Tracking Referral Physician Leaders and Laggards

With Clinisights, GDI’s sales & marketing initiatives were optimized to drive performance goals by tracking the leaders and laggards amongst its physician community (over 4,000) referring patients to the imaging facilities across Texas. Within a short period of time, GDI discovered a direct impact on top line revenues by taking strategic action such as focusing on their biggest referral generators by zip codes in the Dallas metro area.

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