Scalar: Glassbeam’s next generation platform for machine data analytics

United States: Glassbeam, Inc., the machine data analytics company, today announced Glassbeam SCALAR, a next generation cloud-based platform for organizing and analyzing complex machine data. The company also introduced Glassbeam Explorer, a cloud application that adds search capabilities to the core platform, and Glassbeam Studio, a visual development tool to map unstructured logs for analytics

Glassbeam announces new machine data analytics platform

Machine data analytics company Glassbeam has announced a new cloud-based software platform called Scalar, in an attempt to help companies take advantage of the emerging business opportunities provided by the “Internet of Things.” The Santa Clara, Calif. company also announced a new search application called Glassbeam Explorer, as well as Glassbeam Studio, a visual development tool that

Glassbeam instantiates a lot of trends

Glassbeam checked in recently, and they turn out to exemplify quite a few of the themes I’ve been writing about. For starters: Glassbeam has an analytic technology stack focused on poly-structured machine-generated data. Glassbeam partially organizes that data into event series… in a schema that is modified as needed. Glassbeam basics include: READMORE...

Glassbeam advances internet of things (iot) analytics with 3 new products

Glassbeam, a big data applications company specializing in multi-structured machine data analytics, has introduced Glassbeam SCALAR, a cloud-based platform for organizing and analyzing complex machine data. Glassbeam has also introduced a new application, Glassbeam Explorer, and a new tool, Glassbeam Studio. Glassbeam SCALAR is a modern platform for analytics on data from the Internet of

Mining the data your clients produce: glassbeam scalar lights up value

This week Glassbeam announced a new solution for vendors whose products in the hands of clients produce mountains of potentially valuable “back-end” data. Mining that data which can include streams of ongoing customer site configurations, usage, status, location or really any relevant sensor results can help drive vastly better customer support and satisfaction, new and timely revenue

M2M analytics and diagnostics from glassbeam

Glen Almendinger’s monthly Harbor Research newsletter today highlights a a company called Glassbeam. The title of the lead article is: Glassbeam: The Future of Machine Data Analytics From Glen’s article: In a truly connected world of smart systems, not only people but all electronic and electro-mechanical products and machines will produce mountains of valuable information, all the time.

Five data-driven tips for fixing the obamacare website

No army in the world can fight an idea whose time has come. So said prolific visionary Victor Hugo. One could certainly argue, especially in the age of Big Information, that healthcare exchanges represent one such idea. However, just because an idea is good, doesn’t mean that any implementation plan will guarantee success. And all too often, huge changes to any large system can do more harm than

Glassbeam scalar set to challenge splunk

Another day, another Splunk competitor crops up with a weapon aimed to win the machine data hearts of the IT world. Can Glassbeam’s SCALAR knock Splunk off its perch? For being an emerging field, machine data has been dominated by Splunk ever since it took its log file system and repurposed it to take advantage of the myriad of growing machine data available in the big data wild. The latest

Glassbeam unveils next-gen machine data analytics platform

Machine data analytics specialist Glassbeam has announced a trio of new offerings, with the most important being Glassbeam SCALAR, a next generation cloud-based platform for organizing and analyzing complex machine data. “Glassbeam is very focused on machine data analystics and on the Internet of Things phenomenon,” said Puneet Pandit, Glassbeam’s CEO. The company launched in 2009, and went into

Glassbeam scalar delivers machine data analytics and bi for internet of things

Today, machine data analytics vendor Glassbeam announces the release of Glassbeam SCALAR, a cloud-based platform that specializes in machine data analytics for the internet of things. In contrast to machine data analytics vendors such as Splunk and Loggly that focus on analytics related to machine data specific to data center and cloud-based IT environments, Glassbeam concentrates on complex,