Glassbeam FedRamp-In-Process

Glassbeam Awarded FedRAMP® ‘In-Process’ Status for its SaaS analytics solution for connected medical systems.

The designation is an important step toward Glassbeam being able help federal government agency customers increase uptime for all MRI and CT scanners and avoid costly service delays.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., November 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Glassbeam, Inc., a pioneer in data and predictive analytics for connected medical machines, today announced it has achieved the ‘In Process’ milestone as a Cloud Service Provider for listing on the FedRAMP® marketplace for their Clinsights solutions.

FedRAMP is the U.S. Government’s standardized approach to providing security authorizations for the adoption and use of cloud services by the federal government. The government-wide program’s goal is to accelerate the use of secure cloud technologies by government agencies. The “In Process” designation is an important step toward full FedRAMP authorization. Once Glassbeam is fully FedRAMP Authorized, it will provide the only multi-vendor SaaS offering for predictive alerting in the federal marketplace, allowing federal organizations to improve Machine Uptime, Service Engineer Productivity and Patient Care. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs currently utilizes an on-premises deployment of Glassbeam Service Analytics on GE and Siemens CT devices within VISN 2.

Richard Jones, CEO of Glassbeam noted, “Our service analytics solution utilizes comprehensive data analytics to support the VA’s mission in providing greater access through higher equipment uptime at lower costs.  By raising the level of productivity for medical imaging systems, Glassbeam strives to help the government and private-sector healthcare providers lower costs while increasing the standard of care for patients and medical staff.”

Glassbeam uses artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and machine learning to monitor medical devices, including MRI, CT scanners and other imaging equipment, in real-time to anticipate needed repairs and maximize uptime. Its ease of deployment and remote access option ensures operational efficiency while helping patients receive much-needed care, avoiding unnecessary delays.

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About Glassbeam
Glassbeam is a pioneer in data and predictive analytics for connected medical machines that bring structure and meaning to complex data generated from a heterogeneous fleet of medical equipment.  Only Glassbeam’s patented cloud-based platform is designed to transform and analyze multi-structured data, delivering powerful solutions for enhancing machine uptime and utilization for organizations such as Canon Medical Systems USA, MultiCare Health System, Brown’s Medical Imaging, Renovo Solutions, Agiliti Health and Harris Health System.  For more information, visit

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