Extrapolating data – featured article by software magazine

Software ease of use and skilled employees enable effective big data analytics. Industry analysts and software vendors agree that certain skill sets are necessary for employees collecting and translating big data within their organizations. To address the growing concern of the shortage of such expertise, software developers work to simplify user interfaces to make it easier for novice users

Glassbeam on trends in internet of things

Launched in 2009, Glassbeam’s core vision was to help companies manufacturing high-tech devices or “things” in the Internet of Things make sense of the machine data coming out of the devices/things. Its patent-pending SCALAR technology with its underpinning Semiotic Parsing Language (SPL) provides analytics capabilities that would otherwise take years for a product manufacturer to duplicate. We

Webinar – big data analytics & the internet of things

Live: Thursday, February 6 at 12pm ET REGISTER NOW to attend this webinar. Join Vivek Sundaram, Solutions Architect at Glassbeam to learn how Glassbeam leveraged HP Vertica and Logi Analytics to provide actionable intelligence on machine log data. Date & Time: Thursday, February 6, 2014 @ 12 pm ET Presenters:Vivek Sundaram, Solutions Architect, Glassbeam Jeff Healey, Director of

Year in Retro Round-Up: Real-time traffic, log analysis and DevOps in 2013

Mobile computing and cloud technologies are two strong trends with the potential to help companies to become more competitive. The aim is to enable continuous delivery software solutions allowing companies to take advantage of market opportunities and better meet customer demands. Improving development processes for cloud applications is critical for success and for that reasons companies have

Splunk buys cloudmeter to boost operational intelligence portfolio

Splunk announced its acquisition of Cloudmeter, which will help Splunk users analyze machine data from their networks. Splunk, which provides a software platform for real-time operational intelligence, announced it has acquired Cloudmeter, a provider of network data capture technologies.

Enterprise apps today names glassbeam one of 5 hot big data startups

These five Big Data startups are attracting the interest of investors and potential customers. Big Data is one of the hottest areas of IT right now. Analyst firm International Data Corp. (IDC) predicts that the Hadoop and Big Data markets will have a compound annual growth rate of 54.9 percent through 2017 – and that’s on top of already explosive growth over the last few years.

Humans, machine data blurred: how the internet of things will change work

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way we work, live and play. In fact, IDC estimates that in 2020 there will be 26 times more connected things than people. And earlier this year, Wikibon forecasted that $154 billion will be spent on the “Industrial Internet” in 2020. Today IoT is affecting our day-to-day interaction with “things” around us, and even opens the door of possibilities

An Interview with Puneet Pandit, CEO, Glassbeam Inc

Glassbeam Inc. is a Big Data applications company specializing in multi-structured machine data analytics for IT and business users. Glassbeam’s Big Data applications for customer support, product development and sales leverage the company’s breakthrough Semiotic Parsing Language (SPL) that can quickly extract strategic intelligence from complex operational data contained in multi-structured

Specialized business intelligence

A remarkable number of vendors are involved in what might be called “specialized business intelligence”. Some don’t want to call it that, because they think that “BI” is old and passé’, and what they do is new and better. Still, if we define BI technology as, more or less: Querying data and doing simple calculations on it, and … displaying it in a nice interface … which also provides