Webinar – keeping your data secure in the cloud

A “must-attend” webinar with Glassbeam and Dimension Data DATE & TIME – August 5th @ 11 am PT PRESENTERS – David McKenzie, Sr. Director, Solutions Architect, Dimension Data and Ashok Agarwal, VP Engineering, Glassbeam Register to Attend In the era of cloud computing, data protection & security issues remain a key challenge to IT organizations. Cloud infrastructure has

The biggest challenge for entrepreneurs – ceo spotlight with puneet pandit

The future of the Machine Data Analytics Industry will be defined by three fundamentally favorable trends: Cost of Sensors, Connectivity and Analytics. With all these cost factors headed towards a perfect storm, the industry is in for a change. In the case of Cost of Sensors, there has been a spectacular drop in sensor prices, especially during the last few years.

Cassandra summit 2014

Join Mohammed Guller, Architect @ Glassbeam to learn more about the “Internet of Complex Things – Analytics with Cassandra” WHAT TO EXPECT AT CASSANDRA SUMMIT 2014 From best practices and how-tos, to expert panels and case studies, you’ll have amazing opportunities to learn how to conduct your business in a whole new way. This year promises to be even more exciting than last year, so register

Internet of things data will boost storage – mike matchett, taneja group

Tired of big data stories? Unfortunately, they’re not likely to stop anytime soon, especially from vendors hoping to re-ignite your Capex spending. But there is some great truth to the growing data explosion, and it pays to consider how that will likely cause incredible changes to our nice, safe, well-understood current storage offerings.

Webinar – proven roi for internet of things (iot) data center infrastructure market

DATE & TIME - Monday, June 9th @ 11 am PDT PRESENTERS – Mike Matchet, Principal at Taneja Group and Puneet Pandit, Co-founder & CEO, Glassbeam Register to Attend Internet of Things (IoT) is a hot trend in today’s economy of connected devices. Every high-tech device in the data center industry – storage, servers, switches, application software, or any appliance – generates copius

Event – Ibm edge 2014

Contact us to connect @ Edge 2014. Edge2014 is a premier IBM conference that brings together more than 5500 technology leaders and practitioners from all industries to sharpen their expertise, discover the latest technologies, and share best practices in infrastructure innovation. Find out more @

Webinar – transforming the iot medical device market with machine data analytics

Leverage the power of machine-generated data from your medical devices across your enterprise. Attend this webinar to learn more about the business case for a machine data analytics platform in the medical device industry and a showcase of a powerful IoT platform. Presenters: Glen Allmendinger, President, Harbor Research Vivek Sundaram, Solutions Architect, Glassbeam Register to Attend

Hands on lab session – apache spark & shark workshop with mohammed guller, applications architect, glassbeam

Learn how to power a modern day data warehouse using Apache Spark & Shark. Deploy production quality Apache Spark & Shark within seconds on Amazon AWS & VM. Learn how to load data easily from variety of formats & query TB of data with full Hive SQL support including analytical queries, subquery & join support. Join Mohammed Guller, Applications Architect @ Glassbeam on

Glassbeam joins forces with hds for complex infrastructure management

Today’s enterprise ecosystem brings with it unprecedented log data complexities. Glassbeam and Hitachi Data Systems have come together to bring multi-layered infrastructure management and log analysis to the enterprise data center.

Log analytics for customer service & support – use case featuring meru networks

Presenters: Carlos Quezada, Director of WW Service Operations, Meru Networks Srikanth Desikan, VP Products, Glassbeam Vivek Sundaram, Solutions Architect, Glassbeam REGISTER TO ATTEND Support teams of any complex product manufacturer frequently face problems in troubleshooting customer issues to quickly identify the root cause and deliver a solution to resolve the issue. Tune into this