Glassbeam to present at what the spark meetup

In this PRESENTATION , Glassbeam Principal Architect Mohammad Guller, will introduce Spark, and discuss why people are replacing Hadoop MapReduce with Spark for batch and stream processing jobs. He will discuss the areas where Spark really shines and cover some real-world Spark scenarios. In addition, he will review some misconceptions about Spark. Mohammed Guller is a Principal Architect

Puneet’s (ceo) prediction among 9 other top trends for 2015

Drew Robb from EntepriseAPPStoday, a leading online publication focused on Business Intelligence draws on the insights from our CEO, Puneet Pandit. Joining Puneet are other key forecasters Adi Azaria (co-founder of SISENSE ), Gary Nakamura (CEO of Concurrent), Bob Muglia (CEO of Snowflake Computing), and Brett Azuma (Analyst, 451 Research) who talk about the opportunities in business

Bootcamp at global big data conference by mohammed, glassbeam

Mohammed (Principle Architect, Glassbeam) is conducting a hands-on session on Spark, a fast general-purpose framework for large-scale data analysis. Spark is one of hottest open-source big data related project. This full-day workshop is split into two sessions. The morning session will cover Spark core and libraries, including Spark SQL and Spark MLlib. You will also learn Scala, a popular

Robin schumacher, datastax reaffirms our iot analytics solution

Robin Schumacher, Vice President of Products at DataStax, affirms Glassbeam’s adaptable IOT analytics platform built on Apache’s ever popular Cassandra and Spark big data solutions in a recent DataStax blog, titled “Announcing DataStax Enterprise 4.6 and OpsCenter 5.1.” Robin briefly discusses our recent article in CIO Magazine. The CEO of Glassbeam recently told CIO magazine that combining

Data center post features an exclusive with glassbeam ceo

Our customers, some of the biggest product manufacturers worldwide are already thriving on rich machine learning algorithms and real-time processing capabilities that Glassbeam’s IoT platform offers. In this exclusive feature Puneet (Glassbeam CEO) dwells on the how product manufacture can create new streams of services and up-sell revenues. Read more about this exclusive at the Data Center Post

Glassbeam ceo to present at tie nj-philly

Glassbeam CEO, Puneet Pandit, will present at a TIE EVENT titled “Internet of Things – Opportunities and Challenges”. Other panelists include Dave Westrom, Senior Vice President Business Development for ThingWorx Francis Gallic, Advanced Solutions Architect – Machine to Machine Specialist at Verizon Raj Sandhu, CEO and founder of VESAG Health Inc.

Network world covers glassbeam

Network World features Glassbeam SCALAR 2.0 (on slide 8) as a leading product that tightly integrates with Apache Spark, enhancing its Internet of Things (IoT) analytics platform with new capabilities around advanced machine learning and real-time analytics

Glassbeam integrates its iot analytics platform with spark

With an eye toward enhancing its Internet of Things (IoT) analytics platform with advanced machine learning and real-time analytics capabilities, machine data analytics specialist Glassbeam today released a new version of the platform that tightly integrates it with Apache Spark. Read more on the CIO Website

Webinar on remote diagnostics for iot devices

lassbeam and Flexera Software are hosting a Free Webinar on how to use Machine Data Analytics to monitor IOT-enabled devices remotely. The Webinar is on November 12 at 11 am PST – Sign up here

Glassbeam ceo interviewed by ibd

Investors Business Daily recently published a piece on the ingredients for success in a company. Glassbeam’s CEO, Puneet Pandit, is quoted in this piece