Enterprise-wide impact of machine data analytics

Glassbeam allows medical device manufacturers to embed machine data insights into its global support, sales, services, marketing, and engineering processes to improve operations, reduce costs, increase revenues by launching customer-facing programs.


of the OEMs collect machine logs as call-home or reactively as part of their support escalation process from customer sites.


of the organizations have home grown tools and platforms that are unable to scale with “Big Data” analytics needs of the enterprise..


of the surveyed accounts believe AI/ML and predictive analytics with machine data will dramatically change the competitive landscape by 2025.

Improve and Improvise your Global Customer Support Operations

  • Shift from on-site to an online model, become more proactive and predictive with machine failures, parts shipments, increase MTTR, reduce FTFR, and improve your support margins
  • Empower your L-1 support staff to become more knowledgeable with system health check dashboards embedded in their service ticket workflows
  • Extract, collate and centralize a pool of knowledge base into Glassbeam Rules and AI/ML engine, automate support process, reduce support workload all the way through
  • Empower your customers to self-diagnose issues, increase case deflection, improve customer satisfaction, everyone wins

Embed Glassbeam Clinsights with your Product Sales

  • Differentiate your products by offering clinical insights bundled with Glassbeam Clinsights (Utilization analytics dashboards) per machine or fleet-wide for your customers’ installed base
  • Increase attach rate of new services post the first year of warranty by providing your customers one more reason to stay with your service contract options
  • Increase market share by displacing competitive products from your customers’ installed base based on enhanced business value delivered through utilization analytics

Embed Glassbeam Clinsights in your Support Portal

  • Enhance the business value of the support portal, such as salesforce.com services cloud, for your customers to provide system health check dashboards with near real-time alerts
  • Increase case deflection by providing prescriptive recommendations to your customers based on machine alerts filtered through Glassbeam AI/ML and Rules engine
  • Monetize new tiered service revenues by turning on select features of Glassbeam analytics for your premium customers

Drive ROI & Business Impact with enterprise wide use cases on Machine Data

  • Machine log data has tremendous data-driven insights for all facets of an enterprise – Support, Services, Sales, Marketing and Engineering
  • Build custom dashboards on the fly with Glassbeam Workbench with a rich set of attributes parsed out of machine logs
  • Analyze installed base data to find upsell opportunities for sales & marketing teams based on machine utilization data
  • Provide product intelligence to engineering teams to track actual usage data on features and functionalities most used by segments of customers

Use Cases for Medical Device Manufacturers

Customer Support

Real time access for support engineers on the entire performance history of all installations of a particular product, searchable by any number of metrics possible.

Product Management

Drive product enhancement and development decisions with reliable end-user information and deliver highly detailed information on how product features are being used (or perhaps ignored).

Sales & Marketing

Get insightful usage reports on consumables and component failures to drive future sales, allowing account managers to better understand a hospital’s usage and growth profile.

Product Design

Machine data analytics play an important role in engineering design helping executives stay on a continuous learning, creating new ideas, and always improving their equipment.