Glassbeam featured in datanami: iot analytics: a game changer for customer support

Datanami features an exclusive with Puneet (CEO, Glassbeam). The article illustrates the benefits of deep analytics for customer support organizations. Here’s an excerpt from the article from DATANAMI: Customer service costs continue to increase, driven by the greater complexity of today’s products, growing compensation costs for personnel, and higher expectations of quality service among

Companies team up to create powerful internet of things solution

The INTERNET OF THINGS is set to change many aspects of the way we live, but for companies and developers it represents a whole range of challenges when it comes to integration with existing systems and analyzing the extra data it generates. Now analytics specialist GLASSBEAM and development platform supplier THINGWORX have announced a collaboration to allow their solutions to work together

The internet of things and the operating room of the future

CHRIS NORDLINGER, Fulbright Scholar, illustrates the revolution happening in the operating room: “A Silicon Valley startup, works with two real IoT powerhouses, PTC ThingWorx and another Silicon Valley startup, Glassbeam, to make something much more powerful possible. ThingWorx models the operation of the catheter so that it can send secure data to the cloud where it can be analyzed by

Glassbeam, thingworx unveil integrated iot analytics platform

By FRED DONOVAN: Glassbeam and PTC ThingWorx announced on Monday that they connected their platforms to form an advanced IoT analytics product for enterprises and signed up their first customer–VytronUS, a clinical stage medical device maker. “We are big data platform in the cloud. We can ingest a lot of data, and we make sense of that through our machine learning and advanced analytics….Our

Glassbeam is at liveworx!

Glassbeam will be the LiveWorx conference in Boston (kiosk 11B) demonstrating its next gen IOT platform and also how we connect to the Thingworx platform. Be sure to come by if you are attending

Glassbeam to present at iot live event

Glassbeam will present at the IOT Live Event organized by The presentation can be viewed live at on April 9 at 1:40 pm Pacific Time.

Eppicon xi jury selects glassbeam as 2015 awards finalist

EPPICON 2015: EPPIC has invited thought leaders who are playing a lead role in shaping the future of the life science industry through technological innovation. Come, listen, participate and meet us at the conference booth. We’ll be demonstrating how we’re helping diagnostics and medical devices manufactures better manage inventory by tracking shelf-stock lifecycles and upcoming expiration dates

Glassbeam set to spark at global big data conference 2015

GLOBAL BIG DATA CONFERENCE, is being held at Santa Clara. This is a 3 day extensive Developer conference on Big Data. This is a fast paced,vendor agnostic, technical overview of the Big Data landscape. Big Data Developer conference attracts both technical and non-technical people who want to understand the emerging world of Big Data, with a specific focus on Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL & Machine

Glassbeam to present at what the spark meetup

In this PRESENTATION , Glassbeam Principal Architect Mohammad Guller, will introduce Spark, and discuss why people are replacing Hadoop MapReduce with Spark for batch and stream processing jobs. He will discuss the areas where Spark really shines and cover some real-world Spark scenarios. In addition, he will review some misconceptions about Spark. Mohammed Guller is a Principal Architect

Puneet’s (ceo) prediction among 9 other top trends for 2015

Drew Robb from EntepriseAPPStoday, a leading online publication focused on Business Intelligence draws on the insights from our CEO, Puneet Pandit. Joining Puneet are other key forecasters Adi Azaria (co-founder of SISENSE ), Gary Nakamura (CEO of Concurrent), Bob Muglia (CEO of Snowflake Computing), and Brett Azuma (Analyst, 451 Research) who talk about the opportunities in business