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Utilization Analytics Dashboard Demo Videos

Learn How Companies Use Glassbeam Solutions to Turn Machine Data into Business-Changing Insights

Summary of assets categorized by age, vendor, and modality
  • Understand your install base and use/exam volumes and operating hours
  • Insights into downtime and network issues

Understand daily/weekly/monthly exam volume by modality, asset, or facility
  • Real time visibility to exam volume trends to align staffing to demand and meet revenue targets
  • Load balance across your organization to maximize revenue, patient and staff satisfaction

Discover areas of optimization to increase imaging utilization
  • Monitor asset utilization across facilities and modalities
  • Perform “What if” Analyses and set performance threshold alerts

Monitor productivity across facilities and modalities to optimize access and cost
  • Measure productivity against system and industry benchmarks
  • Identify specific training requirements based on performance

Measure top physician referral patterns to target opportunities for growth
  • Align technology plans with referral volumes and mix
  • Establish alert thresholds to optimize referrals from internal and out-of-network physicians

Identify top exams, operators, and assets used across the organization
  • Analyze exams performed by modality, by use, and duration
  • Identify outliers to address performance issues, workflow and define training opportunities

Identify prevalence and cause for exam start delays
  • Analyze overall COT against previous months and drive improvement
  • Use high performing facilities and operators as a reference

Identify prevalence and cause for exam start delays
  • View delayed exams by facility, modality, operator, and day of the week
  • Understand root cause for exam delays to improve customer satisfaction

Monitor time from scan complete to final report
  • Filter by sub-specialty, referring/reading physician, and request priority
  • Segment exams above SLA’s for investigation

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