ClinsightsTM Service Analytics

Take a Smarter Approach to Clinical Equipment
Clinsights Service Analytics

Optimize Machine Uptime

Clinsights™ Service Analytics provides insights into the working of a device, issues reported by the device, anomalies in its metrics and identifies impending part failures to increase machine uptime. Clinsights is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based solution which utilizes data analytics to optimize machine uptime of high-end imaging equipment.

Any Log, Any Device, Any Cloud

Leverage the power of Glassbeam on any cloud, public or private, with any device and log format.

Ease of Deployment

Go from raw logs to actionable analytics with patented Semiotic Parsing Language (SPL) as a single development step.

Hyper-Scale Architecture

Ingest TBs of data from your installed base and Glassbeam platform will scale massively across the entire data pipeline.

Integrated AI/ML Pipeline

Build new models or deploy existing business rules in Glassbeam AI/ML pipeline as a unified workflow.

Clinsights Service Analytics Features

The Value of Predictive Service Analytics

Service Analytics helps healthcare providers analyze complex machine performance logs:

  • Increase device uptime – Predict machine failure more than a week in advance, allowing engineers to act proactively, instead of waiting until failure to address an issue.
  • Reduce service costs and workflow disruption, minimizing part and labor expense, and most importantly interruptions to care.
  • Reclaim lost revenue from unplanned downtime – Plan maintenance for off-hours, instead of in the middle of a busy day.
  • Realtime 24/7 proactive remote monitoring identifies parameter deviations and provides resolution plans proactively

Glassbeam Solution for the Utilization Market Datasheet

Manage Your Entire Imaging Fleet

Improve machine uptime across modalities and manufacturers leveraging machine data and ML/AI powered analytics.

  • View alerts and warnings across all modalities and manufacturers in a single pane of glass.
  • Act on recommendations to shift unplanned downtimes into planned maintenance windows.
  • Deliver business impact with greater machine uptime, operational efficiency and improved service KPI’s [mean time to resolution (MTTR), mean time between failures (MTBF), and first-time fix rate (FTFR)]

Analyze Machine Operational Patterns

Imaging equipment often malfunctions due to environmental and operational issues.

  • Ingest, transform and analyze disparate data sources in real-time to create new expert rules and automate alerts
  • Identify error patterns and anomalies to define automated rules or build machine learning models to predict part failures.
  • Dashboards automate actionable alerts, allowing healthcare providers to recover millions of dollars of lost revenue.

Assess the Health of Every CT in a Facility

View critical operational indicators – all in a single dashboard.

  • Understand the leading indicators of an impending CT tube failure.
  • Clearly assess all symptoms of an unhealthy tube including arcs, scan errors, and 100s of other warnings before it deteriorates and fails.
  • Receive vital information on the sensors monitoring tube, water, and air temperatures, glycol temperature, and other such critical indicators of a tube’s overall health.

Diagnose an MRI Before It Shuts Down

Receive critical early warning information from the sensors’ recording of helium levels, magnet pressure, cold head temperature, and other critical factors.

  • Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically identify data anomalies
  • Monitor extreme factors that may cause damage and lead to shutdown.

View Your Most Important Service KPIs

Get to the why quickly. Act on a breakdown with a powerful service dashboard that shows the complete health of imaging equipment, without having to make an onsite visit.

  • Automatically flag anomalies and outlier patterns from the log file
  • Make faster decisions on the potential root causes of reported issues
What Our Customers Say

“At EQ2, we fundamentally believe that IoT will become pervasive throughout healthcare in years to come. Partnering with Glassbeam will provide EQ2 and our customer base new ways of looking at data and will help them become more strategic in day-to-day operations managing their vast fleet of medical equipment as well as help them make more effective long term capital expenditure decisions.”

Vishal Malhotra CTO
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