SMART HOSPITALS: Prescribed Rx is Analytics – Part 1

Technology and human welfare: Poised for positive change

The hospital of tomorrow is already starting a connected revolution. Connectivity is at the center of the ecosystem that connects people and machines to create the future of the patient experience. Hospitals connect clinicians, patients and their families via digital connections and digital connections capture and share data. Advanced analytics provides insight into all the data and the insights enable improvements in treatment quality and operational efficiency. Smart hospitals prioritize connectivity and analytics to automate operations and improve performance.

The smart hospital will bring:

> Medical equipment and applications, that will be available where needed and when required

> Optimize information flows and business models to refocus professionals on their core business

> Implement an effective mesh between patients, professionals, equipment and resources

Hospitals increasingly use data analysis to keep an eye on overall hospital performance and track aspects like patient progress and outcomes, track bed occupancy, improve bedside care, and correct inefficiencies in the way they deal with patients or administer treatment and services.

A fully connected hospital network provides a means to link patients, health professions and machines, improving workflows and optimizing the care pathway.

People and resources in the right place at the right time

A computer network connects people and machines creating an organizational mesh in which the hospital is the hub. At the administration level, the management of the assets (usage-maintenance) and people (geolocation, data sharing) are at the core of all concerns– having the people and resources in the right place at the right time.

Health care must become much more efficient if everyone is going to get the services they need. Potential savings with digitalization run into the billions. Savings come in areas of:

> Paperless data

> On line interaction

> Discussion support

> Automated processes & procedures

> Patient self service

Reaching new levels of operational performance

Technology has allowed businesses to automate their manual processes and healthcare is a business that will benefit from automation. Automation in healthcare presents challenges: stringent data protection and compliance with care standards required by payers. However, the benefits that it offers far outweigh the challenges. Automation enables healthcare organizations to meet the needs of diverse patient populations while managing the ever-rising cost of providing care in check.

Smart hospital systems and health plans consider improved patient outcomes as job one. Delivering this while managing the bottom line requires greater efficiency. To reach new levels of operational performance, smart hospitals are harnessing IoT and mining the data for ongoing improvement.

Smart hospitals offer a vision for optimizing multiple aspects of operational performance through:

> Greater efficiency through automation

> Improving outcomes via solutions that cut across historical silos

> Leveraging data to gain maximum value from the underlying technology

> Overcoming technological choke points in a way that is scalable.

Introduction to Glassbeam Clinsights

At Glassbeam, we help hospitals drive both top-line growth and improve their cost structure by implementing intelligent infrastructure, applications and services. Glassbeam Clinsights solution drives data analytics to optimize machine uptime for clinical engineering and utilization of high-end imaging equipment for Hospitals, Clinics and Radiology Groups.

Clinsights ingests raw data and transforms it into actionable insights to improve operational throughput of medical assets, and operationalizes analytics on a diverse array of medical assets. We are an AI and Machine Learning powered machine data analytics platform impacting all parts of the healthcare value equation by:

> Reducing Operating Cost

> Improving Consumer Experience

> Improving Clinical Outcome

> Increase Revenue Growth via machine usage

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