Glassbeam Leverages Machine Learning to Enhance Support Operations for Meru Networks

Meru Networks, a market leader in mobile access and virtualized Wi-Fi solutions, announced today that it is expanding its use of Glassbeam’s platform by utilizing its recently-launched machine learning capabilities. Customers, with assistance from Meru, can now use Quality of Experience (QoE) metrics to significantly improve the user experience for each device and access point location connected with Meru products.

“We’ve learned through Glassbeam how valuable machine data is, we are now moving beyond addressing issues reactively when they occur to now harnessing this data to predict when issues might occur, ultimately improving the end-user experience with QoE dashboard,” said Joe Limprecht, Technical Support Manager for Meru Networks. “This capability provides tremendous value for us as we compete for business not just on the strength of our products, but on the quality of support and the experience we offer.”

Meru’s products sit at the heart of many businesses’ networks. These companies demand high levels of network availability and performance. Whenever there is an issue or potential issue, Meru support engineers must diagnose the cause as quickly as possible. Network downtime rapidly translates to lost revenues and customers.

Meru originally brought in Glassbeam to reduce the time it takes to diagnose customer support issues. Meru is now expanding its use of Glassbeam IoT analytics from quickly resolving customer support issues to predict QoE, based on Glassbeam’s new machine learning capabilities. It represents Meru’s bringing Glassbeam in to address a second critical business function.

“Meru is an excellent Example of applying analytics to machine data with the goal of improving the customer support experience. And now building on that, they are focusing predictive analytics to estimate Meru customers’ quality of experience,” added Puneet Pandit, Glassbeam’s CEO. “Our innovative, scalable platform is ideal for companies that want to rapidly and effectively address issues that have the potential to impact the performance of their businesses or their customers’ businesses.”

About Meru Networks

Meru Networks is a leader in intelligent 802.11ac Wi-Fi solutions delivering uninterrupted user experience for education, healthcare, hospitality and enterprise. The Meru open-standards-based architecture is designed to enable unified management of wired and wireless networks. Its end-to-end application QoS enables enforceable service-level agreements. Meru provides top performance and high capacity in high-density environments.

About Glassbeam

Glassbeam is the machine data analytics company. Bringing structure and meaning to data from any connected device, Glassbeam provides actionable intelligence around the Internet of Things. Glassbeam’s next generation cloud-based analytics platform is designed to organize and analyze multi-structured data, delivering powerful product and customer intelligence for companies including IBM, HDS, Aruba Networks, Violin Memory and Meru Networks.