Glassbeam Expands its IoT Analytics Solution Portfolio for

Glassbeam Inc., the machine data analytics company, today announced that it is extending its capability inside by providing manufacturers with a single interface for uploading and analyzing voluminous log files. This new capability expands existing single sign-on (SSO) functionality between and Glassbeam by allowing seamless workflow integration from the time large raw machine logs are uploaded from the portal by end users to getting actionable insights from machine data inside Glassbeam’s platform.

To provide this capability, Glassbeam announced it’s partnering with Enzigma, an established AppExchange Partner, to provide an end-to-end solution for ingesting, organizing and analyzing large and complex log files within Through this partnership, Glassbeam will resell the Enzigma FTP Attachments® product on its price catalog as an extension of its Software-as-a-Service for the Internet of Things (IoT) analytics market. The end goal will be to deliver rich analytic dashboards on machine log data for files uploaded through the portal by end users. Through this integration, Glassbeam and Enzigma will enhance customer service and faster issue resolution for end users who deploy complex IT and non-IT assets at their end.

Glassbeam’s patent-pending, cloud-based technology enables customers to reduce costs, increase revenues, accelerate product time to market, and improve customer satisfaction and retention. Glassbeam customers and partners include Fortune 500 companies and enterprises across a variety of markets including storage, wireless, networking and medical devices.

Supporting Quotes

“Having worked closely with enterprises across the technology spectrum for more than a decade, we are well aware of the challenge customers face in uploading and analyzing growing and complex data. Through our partnership with Glassbeam, a rising leader in the machine data analytics space, we offer users and our customers a simple, powerful way to tackle the complexity of machine data.”

– Hemashu Shah, CEO, Enzigma

“As products grow more complex, product manufacturers are struggling to analyze the data generated, which is only growing vaster by the minute. Our partnership with Enzigma is an acknowledgement of an industry pain point and squarely addresses the market need for seamless, simplified log file analysis. By aligning with Enzigma and its capabilities, we empower product manufacturers to offer a comprehensive and differentiated customer service experience to their end-users, ultimately boosting revenues and end-user satisfaction.”

– Puneet Pandit, CEO and co-founder, Glassbeam, Inc.

About Enzigma

Founded in the 2002, Enzigma offers cloud applications, enterprise mobility, product development and offshore development services. Enzigma was very first company from India to launch an application “FTP Attachments®” on AppExchange, a market place of FTP Attachments was recognized as “Application of the Month” February 2007, and has grown its customer base to over 1000+ companies. Enzigma has successfully delivered 350+ salesforce-based applications and projects since 2007, which has helped many small companies and non-profits worldwide to scale to new heights with minimal investments. Enzigma is both a Registered Cloud Partner and ISV Partner.

About Glassbeam

Glassbeam is the machine data analytics company. Bringing structure and meaning to data from any connected device, Glassbeam provides actionable intelligence around the Internet of Things. Glassbeam’s next generation cloud-based analytics platform is designed to organize and analyze multi-structured data, delivering powerful product and customer intelligence for companies including IBM, HDS, Aruba Networks and Meru Networks.