Glassbeam Expands Into Healthcare Machine Data Analytics Market by Launching Strategic Reseller Program for Independent Service Organizations

SAN JOSE, Calif. – August 24, 2017 – Glassbeam, Inc., a premier machine data analytics company, expands its multi-modality, multi-manufacturer solution for healthcare providers. Launching a strategic reseller agreement with Sound Imaging, Inc., a leading provider of MRI Imaging Solutions to hospitals and Imaging clinics nationwide, Glassbeam’s solution allows Sound Imaging to enhance its Analytics offerings for an installed base fleet of GE MRI machines. In addition, Glassbeam will provide connectivity to GE and MRI machines through the Sound Imaging Magnet Watch.

Medical Imaging market for high end assets such as MRI and CT Scanners is in a state of massive change. This is driven in part by high capital acquisition costs that can run up to millions of dollars, as well as an urgent need for hospital providers to adhere to patient safety standards, reduce downtime, and maximize ROI on machines.

According to industry estimates, a typical MRI machine will experience an operational incident 6 to 12 times per year and will experience downtime for about 5 hours on average per incident. This equates to hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue at a hospital site that has multiple MRI machines across different sites.

Glassbeam analytics cuts these huge costs and minimizes downtime by providing proactive and predictive analytics on complex machine logs collected from these machines. Using Glassbeam, healthcare providers can recover over 60% of lost revenues from imaging machines such as MRI and CT Scanners by reducing machine downtime. In addition, healthcare providers can save over 25% in support costs by making support staff more productive with proactive and predictive analytics.

“The world of connected machines as part of Industrial IoT analytics is revolutionizing the medical device industry”, says Sunny Tabrizi, General Manager, Sound Imaging Inc. “Our mission is to make healthcare affordable by providing innovative tools to help decision makers save millions each year. With this partnership, Sound Imaging and Glassbeam disrupt the status quo on how machines are managed and monitored for uptime, and operator analytics. We’re changing the way the industry makes effective capital expenditure decisions.”

In addition to improving uptime on medical machines, Glassbeam also provides strategic visibility to management with asset utilization reports, thereby providing a baseline for financial justification when making capital expenditure decisions for additional machines. Large provider institutions can also look at operator utilization dashboards and infer machine usage by different users, locations and procedure types leading to better decisions on training and people deployment at different sites.

“As a strategic reseller, Sound Imaging can now leverage our leading edge software technology to better manage their medical devices,” says John Ferraro, VP Sales at Glassbeam. “Our solution can recover lost revenues and save on support costs when managing a fleet of expensive imaging machines for different manufacturers through proactive and predictive analytics.”

About Glassbeam

Glassbeam is the premier machine data analytics company bringing structure and meaning to complex data generated from any connected machine in the Industrial IoT industry. Funded by several ultra high net worth investors, Glassbeam’s next generation cloud-based platform is designed to transform and analyze multi-structured data, delivering powerful solutions on customer support and product intelligence for companies such as IBM, Dell EMC, Novant Health, and Dimension Data.