Glassbeam Expands Healthcare Equipment Analytics with Environmental Telemetry Data

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Oct. 04, 2018 – Glassbeam, Inc., the premier machine data analytics company, announced today the integration of environmental sensor data into its Clinical Engineering Analytics (CLEAN™) Blueprint software, enhancing quality and time to insights.  Monnit Corporation’s ALTA IoT sensors will provide this new data.  Monnit sensors monitor environmental factors, such as room temperature and humidity; when these factors deviate beyond specific ranges, they can adversely impact the performance of expensive hospital imaging equipment, such as CT scanners and MRI machines.

“Maintaining the uptime of expensive health care equipment is of paramount importance to healthcare providers; patient care and safety are prioritized, and providers avoid financial setbacks,” said Brad Walters, CEO of Monnit.  “Using Monnit sensors to provide environmental telemetry data for Glassbeam’s continuously increasing data set will dramatically improve providers’ ability to implement predictive maintenance and increase equipment performance.”

Previously, CLEAN™ Blueprint was primarily focused on collecting, assimilating and analyzing machine logs from complex equipment such as MRI and CT Scanners. The new capability will monitor external environmental factors that can impact proper functioning of medical imaging assets. This solution advancement will collect the environmental telemetry data such as compressor power, water inlet and outlet temperature, room humidity and temperature readings every few seconds. Combining telemetry data with machine logs into one holistic data model provides incredible value by alerting staff on impending failures within operating imaging machines. This addition will translate into higher machine uptime, lower maintenance costs, and overall superior patient care.

“External factors surrounding machine maintenance are often overlooked,” said Puneet Pandit, CEO and founder of Glassbeam. “Knowing critical environmental factors such as humidity, room temperature and equipment water flow can impact the performance of medical equipment and when addressed, can help prevent machine failure. By integrating environmental telemetry data with machine logs, Glassbeam has moved one step closer to its vision of providing a 360-degree view on medical imaging machines’ performance and uptime.  This is especially important for providers who have facilities with unreliable infrastructure or mobile units in remote locations.”

Glassbeam will be exhibiting at the MD Expo show in Seattle on Oct. 5-7. Stop by booth #715 for a demo or schedule a meeting to discuss how Glassbeam can maximize equipment utilization, performance, and revenues.

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Glassbeam is the premier machine data analytics company bringing structure and meaning to complex data generated from any connected machine in the Industrial IoT industry with a strong focus on medical and data center equipment. Funded by several ultra-high net worth investors, Glassbeam’s next generation cloud-based platform is designed to transform, analyze, and build Artificial Intelligence applications from multi-structured logs, delivering powerful solutions on customer support and product intelligence for companies such as IBM, Dell EMC, PTC, Novant Health, UCSF Health, and Dimension Data.