Glassbeam Expands Clinsights 2.0 with Service Analytics Functionality Targeted for Radiology and Clinical Engineering Departments

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Sep. 21, 2021 – Glassbeam, Inc., the premier machine data analytics company for the healthcare industry, announced the general availability of the Clinsights Service Analytics app, a revamped product that allows Healthcare organizations to fully monitor, manage, and take remedial service actions in near real-time on radiology equipment. This new product release helps clinical engineers take a digital-first approach to proactively service radiology equipment.

Healthcare organizations have struggled to earn the trust of patients who expect the best care experiences. The challenges in clinical engineering groups are particularly acute. Tasked with delivering an unmatched level of patient experiences, healthcare executives are faced with the daunting task of minimizing volatility in frontline services when delivering patient care, particularly avoiding machine downtime and part failures in their imaging centers.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Glassbeam Clinsights 2.0 solves these challenges by providing insights into the working of a medical machine, such as MRI, CT Scanner, and Cath lab, by flagging issues being reported by the device, identifying anomalies in its metrics and notifying impending part failures to increase machine uptime. The goal is to proactively convert unplanned downtimes into planned maintenance windows, and in cases where there is an occurrence of an unavoidable downtime, help triage the problem in the shortest possible time. With the aid of incisive metrics and real-time notifications on machine uptime, the need for continuously checking in and manually gauging the health of the equipment is eliminated. This kind of transparency through a single pane of glass on the entire imaging fleet eliminates a lot of uncertainty in machine availability and improves overall patient care.

New Clinsights Service Analytics app features several improvements over the earlier version, including:

Comprehensive Asset Summary: Single pane view across all your assets by location, segregated by alerts and warnings for proactive action, including drill-down information

Improved Notification Engine: Real-time subscription-based notification features, on both web and mobile app, for seamless user experience

Enhanced AI and Expert Rules Library: Hundreds of new pre-defined rules and ML models, including the ability to customize & create new rules using Rules Editor

Configurable Risk Index Score: Ability to establish Risk Score per machine that combines parameters of network connectivity, system health, throughput, & Service Request status

“Our previous release allowed Utilization Analytics app to provide a fleet-wide view of usage metrics, no matter which modality or manufacturer,” said Pramod Sridharamurthy, Vice President of Products at Glassbeam. “With this new release, Service Analytics app brings together the entire experience of analyzing system health metrics in a fully integrated view along with the Utilization app in a single window.  I am excited at the possibilities where healthcare executives will now be able to drive seamless, insight-driven initiatives to create a digital-first workflow and collaboration between radiology and clinical engineering departments”.

Clinsights Service Analytics app is available today delivered through flexible subscription-based plans.  Click here to read more about the new product release.

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