Glassbeam Enters Converged and Hyper-converged Infrastructure Market

Glassbeam, Inc., the machine data analytics company, announced today that it has successfully entered the high growth Converged and Hyper Converged infrastructure market with two new clients. The platform is being used by these companies for providing better customer experience through proactive and predictive support capabilities, and also for gleaning valuable product intelligence from machine log data. These companies along with Glassbeam’s value proposition are further referenced in a recently released Solution Profile by leading analyst firm Taneja Group on the Converged and Hyper Converged infrastructure markets.

As the Internet of Things marketplace continues to mature, ubiquitous embedded computing, mobile, and organically distributed nodes are all being tied together by complex networks delivering heterogeneous data. In the report, Taneja is envisioning the development of building blocks, or appliances, that combine this data. They will be at the heart of new architectures and facilitate the deployment of new ways for companies to profit from superior customer insight and support, and help build trusted advisor relationships that will benefit both clients and vendors. But this can’t happen without the ability to analyze and interpret the machine log data within them effectively.

“The Converged and Hyper Converged markets are highly dependent on the ability to provide real time actionable data analysis,” stressed Mike Matchett from the Taneja Group. ““Don’t try this at home, as they say. Implementing the right analytics solution is a daunting task and can take companies away from their core competencies. Building your own solution isn’t necessary when solutions like Glassbeam are already available on the market.”

“The adoption of IoT by Converged and Hyper Converged infrastructure providers definitely plays to our strengths,” comments Puneet Pandit, CEO of Glassbeam. “Our key differentiator is the ability to analyze complex data instantly and provide actionable information. This complexity of data is amplified dramatically in the converged infrastructure space and we’re extremely pleased that our solution is already being put to use by leading customers.”

The Taneja Group report looks at Glassbeam’s unique B2B SaaS SCALAR platform and points out how it can provide differentiation among competing solutions, build a trusted client relationship, better manage and support clients, and provide additional direct revenue opportunities. It adds that product vendors are using Glassbeam analysis to see how their customers are using their solutions in production. This means what kinds of failures they experience and the common operating modes they are running. They use that intelligence to continually build increasingly resilient solutions to become more and more competitive.

About Glassbeam

Glassbeam is the machine data analytics company. Bringing structure and meaning to data from any connected device, Glassbeam provides actionable intelligence around the Internet of Things. Glassbeam’s next generation cloud-based analytics platform is designed to organize and analyze multi-structured data, delivering powerful product and customer intelligence for companies including IBM, Aruba Networks,Violin Memory and Meru Networks.