Glassbeam Developing Momentum in IoT Analytics Market with Customers in Multiple Verticals

Glassbeam, Inc., the machine data analytics company, today announced that its market tested solution has been selected by companies in the manufacturing and energy industries. Romi, a premier global manufacturing company, and Gridscape, a leader in the smart grid software solution space, both see the potential in examining real-time machine data information and provide valuable insights into their equipment performance.

“These new customers are significantly important because they not only show the benefits of examining rich analytics, but the results can result in fundamental changes for both industries,” commented Puneet Pandit, CEO and co-founder of Glassbeam. “That is a key part of our unique selling proposition. We aren’t just providing robust business IoT analytics; we are looking to create fundamental changes in service, support and product enhancements across all industries.”

In Romi’s case the analysis will increase Romi’s Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) by increasing uptime and reducing the mean time to resolutions for any equipment problems. Brazilian based, Romi S.A. is a global leader in Machine Tools, Plastic Processing Machines and Rough or Machined Castings. Its products and services are marketed throughout Brazil and exported to five continents for industries such as automobile and automotive components manufacturing, consumer goods, agricultural machinery and implements, and industrial machinery and equipment. The company holds over 60 patents and has a further 30 patents pending in Brazil and overseas.

“In manufacturing, you can’t afford downtime,” comments Luiz Cassiano Rando Rosolen, Romi’s CEO. “Our machines generate a huge amount of data that should help us keep our performance at the levels necessary to continue to lead our industry. However, we have not had the ability to analyze that data in ways that will provide rapid intelligence. The Glassbeam solution should provide that capability and help keep us even more competitive.”

Pandit points out that the manufacturing industry also faces a significant gap between manufacturing systems in the shop floor and the IT systems that help administer manufacturing organizations.

By filtering, parsing, structuring and analyzing machine data in real time, Glassbeam has the ability to correlate machine status and conditions with product reject rates, and quantification of machine down times, providing actionable intelligence

Founded in 2012, Gridscape Solutions is a software and service company that specializes in designing and developing a broad range of smart energy solutions. The company’s core competency is to leverage technological innovations and provide leadership to this emerging industry. Its goal is to provide operational efficiency and savings to its customers, in addition to creating new sources of revenue.

Improving the economics of operating EV stations is a critical component to the growth of these installations. Keeping pricing as low as possible is essential. The Glassbeam platform can take in streaming data from the stations, parse and analyze that data in real-time, and provide feedback to streamline their service, lower their maintenance costs, and provide insights for improving future generations of EMV station equipment.

“Our team has extensive experience in deploying highly efficient and integrated smart grid software solutions,” notes Vipul Gore, CEO and President of Gridscape Solutions. “We look forward to partnering with Glassbeam in designing and deploying low-risk and low-cost software solutions that result in efficient operations. We anticipate Glassbeam’s powerful analytics capabilities will make a significant contribution to our objective of creating economically attractive smart grid offerings.”

“The Cleantech market is exploding,” adds Puneet Pandit, CEO and founder of Glassbeam. “In this case, our solution to Gridscape’s challenge demonstrates that our platform is versatile enough to manage and interpret the unique data coming from EV stations. However, we can provide that same data monitoring and intelligence to every aspect of this expanding field.” He added that the sales in different verticals show the growing understanding and adoption of IoT analytics. “We are intent on penetrating both these markets, but ultimately our goal is to blaze a trail across all industry segments,” he concludes.

About Glassbeam

Glassbeam is the machine data analytics company. Bringing structure and meaning to data from any connected device, Glassbeam provides actionable intelligence around the Internet of Things. Glassbeam’s next generation cloud-based analytics platform is designed to organize and analyze multi-structured data, delivering powerful product and customer intelligence for companies including IBM, HDS, Aruba Networks and Meru Networks.

About Romi

Established in 1930 Indústrias Romi S.A. is an internationally renown company whose products and services are consumed both in the domestic and foreign markets, exported to all continents. Our trademark stands out for the quality, technology and reliability of our products and services.

About Gridscape Solutions

Founded in 2011, Gridscape Solutions is a software and service company that specializes in designing and developing a broad range of smart energy solutions for utilities, manufacturers and other enterprises. Its core competency is to leverage right technological innovations and provide leadership to design, manage and implement turnkey energy solutions for our worldwide clients. Gridscape Solutions not only bring operational efficiency and savings to our customers but also open new sources of revenue for them.