Glassbeam Delivers Next-generation Customer Support for Meru Networks

Glassbeam, Inc., the machine data analytics company, today announced that Meru Networks®, a leader in Wi-Fi networking, has successfully deployed the Glassbeam platform to achieve superior levels of customer satisfaction by optimizing their support operations. Using Glassbeam to organize and analyze multi-structured machine data enables the company to quickly diagnose, resolve and prevent customer support issues.

Meru Networks provides best-in-class mobile access and virtualized Wi-Fi solutions, for large-scale enterprises across education, healthcare, and hospitality that require reliable, high-bandwidth Wi-Fi networks serving high-density user populations. Availability and performance are critical, and when a problem arises, Meru Networks’ support engineers must make sense of volumes of log data in order to diagnose the cause as quickly as possible.

“Today, our support engineers can make spot-on assessments, diagnosing product performance problems in near real-time,” said Carlos Quezada, Director of worldwide operations for Meru Networks. “With Glassbeam, we may predict and prevent issues before they happen – a capability that would help any customer-centric company strengthen engineering efficiency, customer relationships and overall brand satisfaction.”

Meru Networks uses Glassbeam’s advanced machine data analytics to collect, organize and convert large and complex log files from the company’s networking controllers and access points into actionable business intelligence. Going well beyond simple log file search and indexing, Glassbeam’s pre-built dashboards and reports quickly unlock the value of Big Data to identify key trends, exceptions and events requiring immediate attention.

“We are pleased to support Meru, a company focused on delivering a superior customer experience,” said Puneet Pandit, CEO of Glassbeam. “Glassbeam’s solutions are tailored to accelerate support resolution and provide the enhanced levels of proactive care that a world-class service organization like Meru delivers.”

Glassbeam’s patent-pending technology enables customers to parse and mine multi-structured machine data to make better strategic business decisions. Glassbeam customers and partners include Fortune 500 companies and enterprises across a variety of markets including storage, wireless, networking and medical devices.

About Glassbeam

Glassbeam is the machine data analytics company specializing in multi-structured machine data analytics for IT and business users. Glassbeam’s Big Data applications for customer support, product development and sales leverage the company’s breakthrough Semiotic Parsing Language (SPL) that can quickly extract strategic intelligence from complex operational data contained in multi-structured machine data.