Glassbeam Announces Support for Tableau 10 to Provide Advanced Data Visualization Capabilities for IoT Analytics Applications

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Jan 12, 2017 – Glassbeam, Inc., the premier machine data analytics company for the Internet of Things (IoT) industry, has announced support for Tableau 10, providing users with enhanced data mashup, visualization, and dashboard authoring capabilities for solutions built with Glassbeam IoT Analytics.

Since the launch of its cloud-based analytics service, Glassbeam, a Tableau OEM partner, has supported integration with Tableau on top of the Glassbeam platform to facilitate high performance analysis of machine data relevant to business operations across the enterprise, including customer support and product management. With the release of Tableau 10, Glassbeam is expanding this integration by offering enhanced data-mashup capabilities, interactive dashboards, and improved visualization benefits for users of Glassbeam.

“Glassbeam’s solution, powered by Tableau, represents an innovative application of Tableau for the emerging Internet of Things industry,” stated Stephanie Richardson, Director of Product Marketing at Tableau.  “The combination of Glassbeam and Tableau offers a powerful solution for joint customers to collect, process, and analyze data generated from connected machines.”

With the ease of a cloud-based service, Glassbeam provides the ability to ingest, parse, and analyze machine generated data from IoT connected devices.  Glassbeam’s unique data transformation and preparation engine can easily convert even the most complex machine data into structured and meaningful formats. This structured data can then be presented through multiple Glassbeam applications using Tableau.  These new features in Tableau 10, combined with Glassbeam’s innovative analytics capabilities, helps businesses build state-of-the-art products, make support groups profitable and unleash new revenue streams.

“This latest release of Glassbeam, with support for Tableau 10 provides a powerful combination of machine data analytics and top-notch data visualization,” stated Puneet Pandit, CEO and Founder of Glassbeam.  “Through our partnership with Tableau, we are pleased to be able to offer this improved functionality to our customers.”

About Glassbeam
Glassbeam is the premier machine data analytics company bringing structure and meaning to complex data generated from any connected machine in the IoT industry. Glassbeam’s next generation cloud-based platform is designed to transform and analyze multi-structured data, delivering powerful solutions on customer support and product intelligence for companies including IBM, EMC, Springpath, Gridscape, Aruba Networks, and Dimension Data.