Glassbeam Announces New Application Suite for Healthcare Provider Market

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 6, 2019 — Glassbeam today announced Clinsights™, a new application suite, powered by AI/ML, focused on healthcare providers to help them maximize patient throughput, drive more revenues, and reduce costs, all through higher machine uptime and utilization.  This is made possible by Glassbeam’s cloud-based platform, powered by expert rules, AI and Machine learning models that extract deep insights from multi-structured data sources such as machine logs, DICOM headers, and HL7 protocol messages.

The world of data inside any healthcare network is tumultuous, to say the least, and increasing rapidly in volume and variety, as imaging and biomedical machines are increasingly connected with the Industrial IoT wave. Ingesting and transforming disparate data sources, a core competency of Glassbeam’s patented technology, in a single platform and delivering actionable analytics to reduce operating costs and boost revenues, all through a single pane of glass, is what Glassbeam is finally delivering as part of Clinsights™ application suite.

Glassbeam has been actively selling its healthcare analytics solution for several years in the industry now.  The solution collects data from thousands of imaging machines, such as MRI and CT Scanners manufactured by different manufacturers such as GE Healthcare, Siemens Healthineersand Philips Healthcare, and installed at over hundred healthcare facilities owned by large Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) s and independent imaging centers across the United States, it was imperative to redesign the workflow and prepare the application to accommodate new use cases and customer feedback.

There are several groundbreaking features offered in Clinsights™, such as:

  • Mobile Ready Application:  Redesigned UI and UX flow that allows end users to access the application from any mobile and tablet
  • Expanded Library of Algorithms:  Over 100 rules and ML models for imaging machines such as MRI and CT Scanners, enabling proactive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics
  • Integrated Application Workflow:  Single pane of glass through web-based interface allowing deeper collaboration between clinical engineering and radiology groups

“We’re thrilled by the renewed power and simplicity of Glassbeam Clinsights™ application suite for both Clinical Engineering and Radiology technologists, ” said Cary Lucian, SVP at Agiliti Health. “Glassbeam is taking a direct shot at addressing the business needs of C-suite by combining machine uptime and utilization metrics in one view.  As a partner organization, it makes our job easier to realize significant ROI and business impact at leading sites such as Scripps Health. ”

“The range and complexity of data collected with machine logs, DICOM headers, HL7 messages, and RIS scheduling information, is immense and use cases continue to expand,” said Puneet Pandit, Co-founder, and CEO at Glassbeam. “We are fortunate to have some leading partners and customers who are pushing us to provide them deeper insights on this information overload problem.  Glassbeam Clinsights™ is the right step in that direction and our goal is to democratize such analytics and disrupt the status quo in the healthcare industry. ”

Glassbeam Clinsights™ is commercially available immediately with more information available at Live demos and meetings will be showcased at the AAMI Exchange 2019, booth #442, during June 8-10 in Cleveland, Ohio.  In addition, Glassbeam’s CEO Puneet Pandit is a co-presenter at AAMI Exchange along with renowned industry expert, Binseng Wang, in a session titled ’Reduce Costs and Downtime with Artificial Intelligence-enabled Predictive Maintenance’” on June 9, 2019, from 8-19 AM ET.  Visit the Glassbeam booth and attend this session to hear real-life use cases and get hands-on solution demos of Glassbeam Clinsights™ application suite.

About Glassbeam
Glassbeam is the premier machine data analytics company bringing structure and meaning to complex data generated from any connected machine in the Industrial IoT with a strong focus on medical and data center equipment. Funded by several ultra-high net worth investors, Glassbeam’s next generation cloud-based platform is designed to transform, analyze, and build Artificial Intelligence applications from multi-structured logs, delivering powerful solutions on customer support, machine intelligence & utilization for companies such as IBM, UCSF Medical, Novant Health, Scripps Health, PTC and Dimension Data.