Glassbeam Announces Advisory Board Appointments to Further Smart Hospital Vision

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Jan. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Glassbeam, Inc., a pioneer in data and predictive analytics for connected medical machines, today announced the appointment of Dr. Peter Fiztgerald, Director of the Center for Cardiovascular Technology at Stanford University Medical School, and Bradd Busick, SVP & CIO, MultiCare Health System, to their advisory board. The two will join current advisors Gopal Sundaramoorthy and Dr. Miral Jhaveri as Glassbeam works to bring clarity to the world of complex connected machine data in healthcare.

Advancements in medical machines, connectivity to software in clinical information systems, and the Internet of Things has led to a wave of Smart Hospitals, where data from machines and equipment can connect people, assets, facilities, and work processes. With Glassbeam, hospitals and healthcare providers can implement intelligent infrastructure, applications and services to better understand the needs of both patients and staff, create a more seamless patient experience, and surpass higher standards of care.

In addition to his experience as an interventional cardiologist, Dr. Fitzgerald brings expertise as a founder of 24 healthcare companies in Silicon Valley and as a medical technology and digital health consultant to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Paired with his learnings from previous high-profile roles and as a Glassbeam customer with MultiCare Health System, Bradd Busick will bring a partner lens to the table, providing a deep understanding of the needs of hospitals and urgent care centers. Together, Fitzgerald and Busick’s experience will allow Glassbeam to further address the smart hospital industry and its anticipated 2022 market value of $47 billion.

“The seamless integration of devices and OEMs is key to the success of smart hospitals,” said Dr. Peter Fitzgerald, Director of the Center for Cardiovascular Technology at Stanford University Medical School and Advisory Board member at Glassbeam. “I’m honored to join Glassbeam’s advisory board as they pave the way forward in connecting clinicians, patients and their families.”

“Connectivity is at the center of the smart hospital ecosystem. Glassbeam’s deep-rooted history of integrating machine data, people, systems and the real-time world is instrumental to propelling a new era of Smart Hospital innovation,” said Bradd Busick, SVP & CIO of MultiCare Health System and Advisory Board member at Glassbeam. “I’m thrilled to continue working alongside Glassbeam to further these innovations and ensure patient needs are met.”

“Dr. Fitzgerald and Bradd Busick are highly-skilled industry professionals and bring unique and valuable insights to our advisory board,” said Puneet Pandit, CEO and co-founder of Glassbeam. “They will be instrumental as Glassbeam continues to expand its reach into new solution areas with expanded use cases in our smart hospital journey.” In December, Glassbeam announced $10M in Series B financing, led by Appian Way Asset Management and joined by MultiCare Health System, further validating the smart hospital market opportunity in the coming years. For more information about Glassbeam’s Advisory Board, please visit:

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