Canon Medical Partners With Glassbeam to Provide AI-Powered Insight and Analytics into Service Operations

November 25, 2020 — Hospitals and institutions face a significant challenge each year when it comes to the financial impact of unplanned downtime and sub-optimal performance of their diagnostic imaging systems. To meet the need for fleet-wide operation and service analytics to mitigate those challenges, Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc. has partnered with Glassbeam to offer Clinsights – a breakthrough solution for healthcare providers to help increase operational efficiency through smart service analytics.

Available for Canon Medical and multi-vendor service customers with a service plan, Clinsights produces dashboards and reports from across facilities that capture vital information such as analyses and tracking of physician performance, physician referral, and exam scheduling. Dose analytics include monitoring and tracking dose compliance and even benchmarks against other organizations. For the healthcare administration executive team, all of this information is presented in a consolidated executive dashboard for review and action. The innovative product uses AI modeling to generate proactive maintenance alerts, so customers can stay one step ahead.

“At Canon Medical, our priority is to support our customers and their patients by providing Service solutions that help them face the challenges of today’s healthcare environment, including operational efficiency and productivity,” said Dominic Smith, vice president, Service Field & Sales, Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc. “With Clinsights from Glassbeam, we can arm our customers with insights about how they are using their systems, and facilities can apply this information to enhance efficiencies that benefit their organization and patients alike.”

“We are proud as a team to partner with Canon Medical Systems USA to bring AI-powered insights of Clinsights as a single pane of glass for multivendor solutions to the healthcare industry,” said Puneet Pandit, Co-founder and CEO, Glassbeam. “This partnership is poised to change how medical machines in imaging and biomedical departments are effectively managed and utilized to allow service personnel and end-users to perform their daily work, providing for superior patient care at their healthcare facilities.”