We empower our customers by turning complex machine data into clear analytical insights

Glassbeam and ThingWorx are empowering corporations globally to build truly connected products by facilitating the seamless generation and analysis of complex machine data sent from IoT connected devices.

Glassbeam OEMs Logi Analytics helps provide powerful visualizations for parsed log file data that can be used for a granular understanding of the install base.

Glassbeam utilizes Tableau’s versatile charting and visualization capabilities as Glassbeam Workbench product to unveil business insights that can be used for numerous operational decisions.

Glassbeam leverages Dimension Data’s state-of-the art cloud offerings for hosting its Analytics platform as a SaaS offering across US and Australia markets.

Glassbeam partners with Vertica to store structured data that can be easily consumed by any web-based platform or applications through REST-based APIs.

Glassbeam leverages Amazon's EC2 high performance cloud for hosting its fast throughput, scalable Analytics platform along with S3 based perpetual log vault.

Glassbeam is a AppExchange partner with (SFDC) to integrate its machine data analytics dashboards seamlessly as single-sign-on (SSO) inside SFDC services portal.


Glassbeam partners with Monnit to integrate its ALTA IoT environmental sensor data into our Clinical Engineering Analytics (CLEAN™) Blueprint software.