How Healthcare Providers Can Maximize Utilization of Medical Equipment

As Glassbeam expands its sales into the healthcare provider market, we have found an unmet need for Radiology groups to automate their asset utilization reporting. A key business driver is their quest to enhance patient care by reducing patient revisits and reschedules, understanding physician referral leakage and maximizing machine utilization.

Producing a value-based outcome

Data exists to create and track these metrics but is siloed into multiple hospital applications, presenting hospitals with the daunting task of analyzing a variety of data sources together. Imaging departments, in particular, have an additional challenge as the data volume for their fleet could be massive. Current solutions, largely ad-hoc reporting with a lot of manual hours each week, fall short on meeting these challenges and offering deeper data analytics.

Glassbeam’s solution disrupts this paradigm by offering advanced analytics by combining multiple data sources such as machine logs, DICOM headers, HL7 interfaces, all at massive scale in a cloud-based platform, powered by complex rules engine, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, providing richer analytics to improve hospital management and increase patient satisfaction.

Examples of impact

Let’s look at the customer experience first. Whenever there is an interaction between a customer (patient) and imaging machine operator, data sets from referral physicians, procedure analysis, and the operator are correlated to understand, for instance, the performance of operator against a benchmark. Other areas where such insights contribute to superior outcomes can be in improving training delivery against metrics or overhauling the onboarding process to improve operator performance.

Another key area is uneven utilization of imaging equipment. For Example, with a large fleet like Ultrasound equipment dispersed across a number of facilities in a region, organizations lose track of true utilization data per facility. When it comes to new procurement decisions, C-suite lacks data-driven analysis to adjust its fleet deployment. As a result, many times over provisioning happens by spending unnecessary capital expenditure budgets when all that was required was the reallocation of assets across facilities or diverting patients to new clinics to optimize patient care.

Getting a 360-degree view of your facility’s asset utilization patterns

Healthcare providers, medical device manufacturers, and Independent Service Organizations (ISOs) are increasingly turning towards Glassbeam Utilization Analytics solution to improve operational efficiency, increase patient satisfaction and track asset utilization. Here are some of the key components of our Utilization Analytics solution:

> Asset Utilization – Monitors machine use in real-time on a monthly, daily or hourly granularity across all imaging modalities

> Procedure Analysis – Shows distribution of procedures across systems and operators

> Referring Physician – Monitor referral leakage by analyzing patterns in referrals and creating awareness among physicians

> Patient Revisit – Monitor referral leakage and project trends on monthly or weekly reporting

> Operator Comparison – Compare operator performance against a benchmark or set of peers to identify the need for improved training

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