Core Applications

From search to advance analytics, Glassbeam provides a suite of Built-in applications that can jump-start your log analytics solution from day one.


Perform powerful searches using keywords and Boolean parameters

Key Features

  • Provides a powerful ‘search and explore’ capability for your machine log data
  • Allows both full-text search and parametric search on hundreds of attributes
  • Supports an exhaustive search language providing users a powerful search capability
  • Explore machine data in both time series and multi-structured formats
  • Correlate data events around the time of an event across all the other devices or data sources
  • Provides users with powerful interaction capabilities with data with the ability to view logs as raw text or as a table

Log Vault

Centralized store for historical log data stored in original format

Key Features

  • A centralized cloud repository for all log files, giving users a single point of access for all machine data
  • A scalable repository that stores the original format for offline analysis
  • Quick filters to search for a log of interest combing interactive timelines with the ability to save views to quickly get to historical data views, anytime
  • Deep Integration with all the other Glassbeam apps: Explorer, Section Viewer/Diff, and custom dashboards allowing seamless search and filtering capabilities

Rules and Alerts

Real-time rules evaluation – in the path of parsing

Key Features

  • Set up policy-driven rules on both streaming data and batch data
    Set up thousands of rules and alerts without any impact on performance in real-time
  • Configure complex rules beyond what is supported by the user interface using backend domain-specific language (DSL) provides a range of rules evaluation options based on either incoming rows of data or over a time period
  • Provides a range of rules evaluation options based on either incoming rows of data or over a time period
  • Set up rules across multiple data sources due to the versatility of our modern parsing architecture
  • Batch process rules either per file or bundle (collection of files)


Intuitive drag-and-drop interface for quick and easy ad hoc, visual analysis

Key Features

  • Automatically convert log metrics to Measures and Dimensions to analyze underlying business performance
  • Build powerful calculations from the data using hundreds of in-built functions and make one-click forecasts
  • Create interactive dashboards to uncover insights by simple drag and drop features allowing you to customize reports based on your business needs
  • Drag and drop reference lines and forecasts, review statistical summaries, do trend analyses, regressions, correlations, and more
  • Perform complex string operations to math to windowing functions with ease
  • Interact with dashboard reports with various types of charts, apply filters, export as an image or PDF, and share these reports with peers

Featured Highlights

Full-Text Search — Search logs, find patterns, perform root cause analysis, save search expressions, share with peers, and build a knowledge base.

Build Rules & Take Action — Leverage complex event processing (CEP) capabilities of Glassbeam Rules engine to become more proactive.

Integrated Workflow — Navigate from Log Vault to Explorer to Rules & Alerts applications, in one workflow for analyzing issues on a system.

Drill down Dashboards — Build and deploy new dashboards using Workbench, with filters and drill-downs, for your varied use cases.

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