Why Machine Log Data

Why Machine Log Data?

Whether it is a connected device in the field, equipment on the manufacturing floor, complex network infrastructure in a data center, or a medical device in a hospital, these machines are generating massive amounts of data, compiling comprehensive usage logs and output records specific to them. Everything from user activity to configuration changes, API data, business process logs, sensor outputs, and diagnostics data are being recorded in these machine logs, providing an abundance of information about the performance, usage, and behavior of these devices.

This information can be as variable as the device that produces them, with stark differences in variety, velocity, and volume.

  • How well-structured is the data?
  • In what format is it laid out?
  • What transport mechanism does it use?
  • How long is the information retained?

Organizations will struggle to parse through and analyze these data sets without specific technologies and frameworks designed for the complexity of this specific category of data. However, with the right resources and expertise, this raw data can be converted into a wealth of actionable intelligence, providing enterprises with deep and precise end-user and device specific information that can guide support services, product engineering, sales, and marketing.