Glassbeam Studio

A comprehensive tool to discover, prepare, transform, and visualize data from complex machine logs and disparate data sources.


Glassbeam Studio automatically discovers folder hierarchies and file formats and creates everything required to structure log data and create applications on it in one single click.

Key Features

  • Detect any time-series data, single line, or multi-line, separated by tab, pipe, colon or any other separator
  • Identify directory structures and files that need to be parsed
  • Detect almost all date formats
  • Detect if data in the files are in reverse order


Glassbeam Studio allows users to decide which data sources should be stored, indexed, or parsed for analytics. It also allows you to prepare the data through lookups, filling gaps in data, and exposes the full functionality of SPL through an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Key Features

  • Filter files that you do not want to process
  • Identify data sources/files that you want to just store versus files you want to store and index versus files that you want to store, index and enable for analytics
  • Create lookups to link data from logs to a structured data source like a CRM database
  • Write and edit in Semiotic Parsing Language (SPL) and add context to enable full power of SPL to end users using a fully functional IDE like Eclipse


Convert rows to columns, merge multiple columns, convert Hex to Decimal, extract specific fields from data, do math operations and more through the many transformation functions provided in Glassbeam Studio. Wrangle your data to the format you need, before you publish them to visualize or run analytics on it.

Key Features

  • Extract patterns from your data using auto extractor
  • Join or split columns in a simple step, transpose data in rows to columns
  • Map esoteric data to more meaningful values
  • Do math operations using functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and ‘power of’


Publish your transformed log data into Glassbeam applications and immediately visualize them in one click. Search and interact with your published data using Glassbeam Explorer or create drag and drop analytics using Glassbeam’s workbench, and publish reports and dashboards instantly.

Key Features

  • Perform one-click publish to instantly create a ready to use, fully functional Glassbeam application or generate dashboards
  • Indexes log data and makes it available through Glassbeam’s Explorer to search and interact
  • Publishes every transformed log files as Workbench data source and allow drag and drop analytics immediately
  • Join data across multiple published sources and create reports, dashboards that can be published for users to view

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Featured Highlights

Easy to Use — Upload any log format from any machine and within seconds you get back structured data.

Instant Data Quality Validation — Instantly view, chart, and graph the transformed data using Glassbeam Workbench.

Ingest Multiple Data Sources and Files — Data sources supported today include syslogs and CSV formats.

Reduce Data Organization Time — Studio takes care of translating log content into meaningful data.

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