Reinventing the Healthcare Continuum with Machine Data Analytics

Wednesday, June 27, 2018
AI and machine learning continue to redefine and reshuffle the healthcare landscape.

As healthcare delivery organizations navigate the dual challenges of providing high-quality medical care while facing tougher cost control measures from insurance carriers and government entities, one strategy they are turning to is optimization of both expensive equipment, as well as the entire ecosystem in which these assets operate. This is no small task, as capital expenditures for these machines totaled more than $350 billion in 2016.

Innovators in many industries have adopted asset optimization strategies for several years. Now, leaders in healthcare equipment manufacturing are turning to this approach by implementing a new generation of data management and predictive analytics solutions to increase the quality, consistency and efficiency of medical equipment in support of patient care. To accelerate adoption of asset optimization solutions, manufacturers are turning to data management and predictive analytics solution providers. These players bring years of experience and best practices gleaned from deployments in multiple industries in addition to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) applications powered by machine learning to drive business impact.

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