Mohammed Guller

Mohammed Guller is the Head of Machine Learning at Glassbeam.

Mohammed has over 24 years of experience working in the hi-tech industry in a variety of technical and management roles. His areas of expertise include machine learning, big data, and new product development. He is passionate about applying machine learning to solve business problems and create value for our customers.

Mohammed leads Glassbeam's data science and machine learning teams. He is responsible for identifying new ML applications and driving the development of those applications. Mohammed is also a published author and a frequently-invited speaker. His book, Big Data analytics with Spark, was among the top 25 selling books on Amazon for a few months after publication. He gets invited to give talks and conduct workshops on Spark and big data technologies at different conferences and universities.

Prior to joining Glassbeam, Mohammed held leadership and management roles at different startups, including TrustRecs, of which he was the founder, and Elron Software, where he rose from an engineer to Director of Engineering. Mohammed also has business leadership experience managing key SMB accounts in the San Francisco Bay area for IBM.

Outside work, Mohammed enjoys spending time with his kids and learning new technologies. He loves traveling, skiing, ice-skating, and chess.

Mohammed earned an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley. He also has Master’s degree in Computers from Gujarat University and Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from the University of Mumbai.  He ranked #1 in his college and #3 in the University of Mumbai amongst 8,397 students from different colleges.

Mohammed Guller Head of Machine Learning at Glassbeam
Head of Machine Learning