Build vs Buy for Log Analytics - How Glassbeam suits both

Pramod Sridharamurthy
Feb 11, 2018

The need to explain why one has to consider mining their logs is no longer relevant with so many advantages of log analytics. If you are still thinking whether mining your machine logs is important, read these two documents from Harbor Research: The Internet of Things, Machines and Data Analyticsor Product Analytics & Intelligence or just google and you will get compelling reasons.

Integrating Apache Kafka with Glassbeam – Behind the scenes: Opening up the Platform for Integrating with other Data Stores

Bharadwaj Narasimha
Feb 02, 2018

Opening our platform for our customers and letting them build on top of it had been on our minds for some time now. With this capability now built into our platform, it throws open a variety of possibilities for our customers. In a two part series, I will explain the why and how of it. 

Glassbeam opens its SCALAR platform for customers and partners with its Apache Kafka Integration

Pramod Sridharamurthy
Feb 02, 2018

I am excited to announce the opening up of Glassbeam’s SCALAR platform for customers and partners. With this launch, Glassbeam now provides a platform for customers and partners to build on top of our core distributed computing technology and dramatically reduce the time-to-market to develop their machine data analytics applications.

Glassbeam and Mobile Imaging Services Market

Puneet Pandit
Jan 25, 2018

Last week we announced our expanded solution for healthcare industry by including mobile MRI and CT Scanners in our CLEAN™ blueprint (Clinical Engineering Analytics). What this means is that Glassbeam solution can now address a major part of projected $13B market in this segment by 2020.

With over 7,000 hospitals in the country, there are still many rural areas that have only small hospital facilities which service proportionately small communities.

Creating DSL with Antlr4 and Scala

Pramod Sridharamurthy
Jan 11, 2018

Domain specific languages help a lot in improving developer productivity. First thing which you need while creating a DSL is a parser which can takes a piece of text and transforms it in structured format (like Abstract Syntax Tree) so that your program can understand and do something useful with it. DSL tends to stay for years so while choosing a tool for creating parser for you DSL you need to make sure that it’s easy to maintain and evolve the language.

Glassbeam at RSNA 2017 in Chicago

Puneet Pandit
Dec 15, 2017

RSNA (Radiological Society of North America) show each year in Chicago is a watershed event for healthcare industry. The Glassbeam team had a great run this year during Nov 26-29 period meeting with leaders from successful companies ranging from medical device manufacturers, healthcare providers to large ISO organizations. We met with Siemens Healthineers, Renovo, Sodexo, St. Luke's, Intermountain, UCSF Health, Duke University, Gateway Diagnostics Imaging and many others.

Healthcare Industry’s First Industrial IoT Analytics Blueprint – CLEAN™

Puneet Pandit
Dec 01, 2017

Last week was the launch of our much awaited IoT analytics blueprint for healthcare industry. We call it CLEAN, as an acronym lifted off from CLinical Engineering ANalytics. This blueprint is already in production at leading healthcare providers like Novant Health based out of Charlotte, NC.

Glassbeam helps uncover big savings for our Health Care customers

John Ferraro
Nov 16, 2017

As the Head of Sales at Glassbeam, nothing gives me more pleasure than a face to face meeting, where the customer is telling me how Glassbeam Analytics is helping them save money. While there are so many metrics that can measure the health of an account or the ’Happiness index’ of a customer, nothing beats this: “John, last week, your product avoided a $10,000 quench event!” That’s music to anyone’s ears, especially a Sales guy.

New Industry Report Strengthens Core Value Prop of Glassbeam

Puneet Pandit
Nov 08, 2017

Today marks an important milestone for Industrial IoT analytics market. Harbor Research released its latest report on the state of the market and why data transformation is key to getting value from IoT analytics projects. You can download the full report here.

If I were to focus on five key takeaways from this report, they will be:

Glassbeam makes Support Easy

Pawan Jheeta
Nov 02, 2017

We exhibited as a partner at TSW last week in Las Vegas, which is TSIA’s premier event to improve the strategic, financial, and operational performance of technology service and support businesses. We found immense value with very relevant content with the ability to learn from industry peers and experts.