Detecting patterns in wireless logs

Mar 26, 2013

Machine data can contain various types of unstructured information ranging from events to configuration and statistical information. Trouble shooting wireless devices involves running several CLI(Command Line Input) commands and analyzing the output for patterns. An access point may be rebooting, a process may be consuming unusual amounts of memory, a controller may have some incorrect settings, ports may be shutdown etc.

How big data is changing the world of business

Mar 11, 2013

"Big data can help capture customer preferences and put that information to work in designing new products. In this area, online companies are taking the lead." – WSJ

There are other BIG BRANDS, with connected products, that are putting Big data to use in designing better products and providing better value to their customers. We are just beginning to make sense of all the data out there. Exciting.

Know your products and your customers

Mar 19, 2013

Sometimes its the small data hidden inside the Big Data that ends up making a huge impact on the business. Often we find our customers using Glassbeam machine data analytics to find all sorts of information about their customers that they could never have known if not for their machine data logs.

How big data is changing the world of business

Mar 11, 2013

“Big data can help capture customer preferences and put that information to work in designing new products. In this area, online companies are taking the lead.” – WSJ

Glassbeam @ strata

Mar 02, 2013

We had a great launch at Strata. Many people stopped by and had wonderful things to say about our new product – Glassbeam Search a unified search and log management solution. We got several good pieces of advice and feedback as well and many thanks to all of you.
As we continue building this out we find most companies needing the following

Machine data and the internet of things

Apr 12, 2013

It was interesting to see a RECENT ANNOUNCEMENT where two companies have teamed up to provide machine data analytics solution to the market. They should thank me for free press by posting this link here However, I want to thank them for increasing the awareness in the market for such an incredible solution, an area that Glassbeam team knows really well for last few years since the day we launched our solution to the market (in 2009).

CEO column – q1 2013

Apr 08, 2013

This is our first week of the second quarter for 2013. We finished Q1 on a high note by renewing all current customer contracts such as with IBM, Aruba etc, as well as acquiring new customers across wireless and medical device verticals. We are also very close to signing up a leading cloud provider as a customer in Q2. These new wins prove the power of Glassbeam as a core technology that can make sense out of any kind of machine data.

Analyzing logs and more. A big data reference architecture

Srikanth Desikan
Jan 14, 2013

Analyzing logs and more- a Big Data reference architecture for processing product logs and other data.

Big data and log files

Splunk’s great success in providing the tools for a sysadmin to delve into previously inaccessible log files has opened up the market for deeper analysis on data in log files.

ABCS of log file analytics

Nov 21, 2012

A. Aggregate data from all log files – All log files are not the same – Most people think of sys logs when they think of log files – no thats not all. Logs from product and software companies are bundles containing many files each of different types and formats. Some are time series data of events but others can be stats, session information, usage metrics, configuration etc.

Machine data benefits sales and service

Sep 25, 2012

Most people think of sysadmins and IT when they think log files. We at Glassbeam think sales operations and services! Why? Because machine data provides the truth and nothing but the truth about your customers and how they use your products. This information is extremely valuable to enterprises.

How can sales people benefit from log data?