Glassbeam opens its SCALAR platform for customers and partners with its Apache Kafka Integration

Pramod Sridharamurthy

I am excited to announce the opening up of Glassbeam’s SCALAR platform for customers and partners. With this launch, Glassbeam now provides a platform for customers and partners to build on top of our core distributed computing technology and dramatically reduce the time-to-market to develop their machine data analytics applications.

We have had our SaaS offering for the last couple of years and continue to enhance and support our SaaS solution. While SaaS works great for majority of our customers, there were quite a few customers/prospects that showed interest in building on top of Glassbeam’s core platform. They loved our data preparation and transformation capabilities, ease of handling complex, multi-structured logs, and our Rules Engine, but wanted to integrate this into their existing infrastructure, data stores and applications. While we could add these to our roadmap and continue to support these varied requirements over time, we would have always played catch up to our customer’s need. Time-to-market is a crucial factor for any project and log analytics is no different.

We want to partner with our customers and enable them to build log analytics solutions in the fastest possible time. We believe that our customers can be great partners for the following reasons:

  • In-house engineering teams of our customers/prospects are the best when it comes to knowledge of their domain and the logs from their device. They know what to extract from their logs and how to use it.
  • Beyond domain expertise, organizations would also like to reuse any existing investment in infrastructure, data stores that they have already deployed. This would not only save CapEx, but also save the time to train internal teams on new technologies.
  • Value of Glassbeam can increase tremendously by facilitating the integration of our customer’s or prospects in-house applications, which will be limited through the SaaS route.

While we have a powerful platform, we see bigger value in opening it up to our customers/prospects to help them scale their log analytics goals quickly. This is what we solved as part of our recent release. Glassbeam’s SCALAR platform is now integrated with Apache Kafka and provides an industry first platform for complex machine data preparation and transformation. Glassbeam’s Semiotic Parsing Language already provided industry’s first Data transformation and Preparation framework for complex machine data. By integrating with Apache Kafka, Glassbeam now allows customers to not only deploy Glassbeam on-premise, but also connect to any data store by using open source Apache Kafka consumers or building their own custom consumers.

In combination with Glassbeam Studio™ Glassbeam now provides a full integrated platform for data preparation and transformation reducing the time it takes to design, implement and maintain an end-to-end data preparation and transformation pipeline, by a factor of 100x.

Exciting times ahead!

Interested to understand the Engineering details of our implementation? Check out our behind the scenes blog (Integrating Apache Kafka with Glassbeam – Behind the scenes: Opening up the Platform for Integrating with other Data Stores) on this topic.