Tis the season for 2015 iot predictions

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

As 2014 draws to a close, we’re looking ahead with much anticipation for what promises to be a signature year for the Internet of Things in 2015. We’ve distilled and ARTICULATED OUR KEY EXPECTATIONS for 2015 just earlier today.

We’re happy to be at the center of this IOT revolution that has the capability to unleash trillions of dollars of economic wealth over the next few decades. And 2015 promises to be a year that accelerates a lot of the incipient trend that started to develop in 2014. IOT will truly be the killer App that will redefine the Big Data space. IOT and Big Data will often be used in the same sentence as two key trends that will receive mainstream adoption, especially in information-intensive industries. Companies that do not adopt these trends will quickly get out-maneuvered by their more efficient competitors. We also foresee privacy concerns diminishing as the broader corporate and consumer marketplace adopts IOT in a substantive way. Major IOT players will invest substantive amounts of money educating the larger marketplace about the benefits of IOT and how these can be achieved via best practices in security.

We also expect all major Analyst firms to publish more reports in the space – Quadrants, Waves, Impact Reports and the like. A lot of ‘IOT Entrepreneurs’ will be born and ecosystems will emerge that will help the mainstream adoption of bleeding edge IOT applications. IOT material will also make itself into University coursework and academic case studies.

Stay tuned with us – we will continue to write about interesting development in the space!