PRDS and user stories, iot style

Friday, July 17, 2015

Network World spoke with us earlier this month and ran a NICE PIECE on how the IOT revolution is positively impacting new product development.

We could not agree more with their assessment. It’s a well-known fact that a large percentage of products fail and one of the main reasons for these failures is that the feature set is not aligned with true customer and market needs. In the B2B world, often, once a product is sold the manufacturer often loses sight of it – they’ don’t get timely and accurate feedback of how it’s actually being used by the customer, to what extent, what features are popular and which ones are not etc. Something we call “feature propensity”. And not understanding feature propensity, or relying on semi-scientific tactics like polls and surveys, often leads to an incomplete and distorted view of the market needs.

Using Glassbeam’s platform any product manufacturer can get a detailed, timely and granular picture of their customer base. Our WORKBENCH feature is particularly useful for creating ad-hoc analysis of the install base to genuinely understand feature propensity and to discover deep insights and hidden correlations in underlying machine data. Combined with other capabilities like Dashboards and Search, the platform can help product managers (product owners to Agile-correct) make informed product decisions based on valuable findings gleaned from machine data.