Partnering with mphasis – global si to drive significant channel leverage

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

We ANNOUNCED, with much excitement, just this morning an important partnership with Mphasis that truly represents an important milestone towards providing Glassbeam’s expertise in both IT and IoT analytics sector to Fortune 1000 clients globally.

Mphasis is an HP company and it provides state-of-the art data center, security and monitoring capabilities to Fortune 1000 companies. Amongst other things, they provide a range of infrastructure services including remote monitoring, data center management, network and security services, and managed maintenance offerings.

Partnering with them gives us a wonderful opportunity to validate our pedigree, shall we say street cred, with premier Global corporations that need state-of-the-art analytics on operational data. Even better, it appeals to BOTH IT AND IOT decision makers as Glassbeam’s platform ingests and analyzes data that appeal to both stakeholder groups.

For the IT audience, the partnership arms Mphasis with a repertoire of powerful offerings: versatile reports, trends analysis, anomaly detection, predictive maintenance and numerous other value-added add a qualitative edge to these infrastructure services – resulting in higher SLA levels, better alignment with customer needs, ability to preempt embarrassing outage incidents, and the ability to offer a qualitatively better experience to all customers.

For IOT groups, Glassbeam, gleans detailed insights from the install base and presents these in a way that provides tremendous business value in terms of understanding the install base, customer predilections, feature affinity, user base preferences, and lots more. These insights, in turn, can help make informed decisions on product line, introduction of new service offerings, and optimal configuration recommendations.

Welcome to our growing family of partners, Mphasis! We look forward to working with your global teams on many initiatives in coming months.