Glassbeam begins where splunk ends – going beyond operational intelligence with iot logs

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Splunk announced today that it acquired Cloudmeter to enhance its capability to analyze machine data. While tools like Splunk have tremendous value for internal data centers, companies are starting to embark on more complex Big Data projects with multi-structured machine logs. The rapidly exploding market of physically connected devices and the machine data generated by the “Internet of Things” is driving the need to leverage this data beyond simple troubleshooting needs.

In an insightful EWEEK ARTICLE on the acquisition news, Darryl Taft highlights this market need by stating that Splunk addresses the IT side of the machine data analytics “arena.” In other words, users can only do so much before they hit a wall.

Operational intelligence is a start, but MACHINE DATA FROM THE INTERNET OF THINGS (IOT) generates data that is seriously complex in variety, volume and velocity. We help customers go beyond operational intelligence to leverage data for all of their needs. Our core technology and competency is in providing structure and meaning to this complex multi-structured data to unlock the hidden product and customer intelligence for business users across the enterprise.

GLASSBEAM SCALAR is a flexible, hyper scale cloud-based platform capable of organizing and analyzing complex log bundles including syslogs, support logs, time series data and unstructured data generated by machines and applications. By creating structure on the fly based on the data and its semantics, Glassbeam’s platform allows traditional BI tools to plug into this parsed multi-structured data so companies can leverage existing BI and analytics investments without having to recreate their reports and dashboards.

By mining machine data for product and customer intelligence, Glassbeam goes beyond traditional log management tools to leverage this valuable data across the enterprise. With a focus on providing value to the business user, Glassbeam’s platform and applications enable users to reduce costs, increase revenues and accelerate product time to market. In fact, Enterprise Apps Today’s Drew Robb recognized this critical value proposition naming Glassbeam A HOT BIG DATA STARTUP for analytics, which is attracting interest from investors, partners and customers.

Today’s acquisition serves to showcase a market that is heating up, and new requirements around data analytics. But this is only the start and Glassbeam deliberately picks up where Splunk ends. We remain committed to cutting through the clutter and providing a clear view of operational AND business analytics to users across the enterprise.