How the glassbeam-thingworx integration works

Dec 18, 2015

Machine log data is prevalent in the IoT world, especially for complex machines like medical devices, manufacturing systems, and smart grid architectures; and is a natural outgrowth of building products that require assembly from numerous underlying components. It is very important to collect and mine machine log data to uncover true business insights – similar to mining the proverbial diamond in the rough – and to accrue significant economic value from it.

Connecting seamleassly to thingworx

Feb 05, 2015

This is HOT OF THE WIRE – we’re announcing a technology and business relationship with Thingworx (a PTC company). The partnership means that we will build a connector into THINGWORX IOT PLATFORM that will enable data to be ingested (and parsed) into GLASSBEAM’S IOT ANALYTICS platform.