Who Owns the Data – Part 3

Puneet Pandit
Jul 05, 2019

In Part 1 of this blog series, I set the stage on the debate on who owns the machine data generated by medical devices such as CT, MRI, and so on. In Part 2 of this blog, I outlined an approach and my perspective on how this debate is being resolved between Providers and OEMs. 

Designing for the internet of things using cassandra

Sep 25, 2013

I like the word “ontology”. It has a nice ring to it. Wikipedia defines Ontology as “knowledge as a set of concepts within a domain, and the relationships among those concepts”. When applied to machine data analytics (“domain”), we see that unless we isolate concepts and understand the relationships, we cannot obtain “knowledge”.

Big data: search vs. analysis

Oct 11, 2013

Early on in my career at SGI we built some interesting data management tools and data warehouses for processing world wide business data and BILL INMON was my hero(I am sure he was the hero for a lot of data geeks back then!).

This recent article on BIG DATA: SEARCH VS. ANALYSIS by him, is a great validation of the need for structure for analysis.

Log analysis on the cloud

Oct 03, 2013

Splunk is now going where their customers want them to go – to the CLOUD with an enterprise offering! Glassbeam has been offering an enterprise log analysis solution on the cloud for fortune 500 companies for a few years now, to analyze the data from their devices. Splunk’s log analysis is focused on Enterprise IT for the most part while Glassbeam has focused on Enterprise business users in support, engineering and service/sales.

Search vs. Analysis on log data

Pramod Sridharamurthy
May 23, 2013

Search as the starting point is a great way to start any analytics with Machine log data. As a user, initially you don’t know what you are searching for and hence searching for “needle in a hay stack” is easy, because all you need to do is type needle! Yes, you will get a lot of results back which then needs to be filtered/ranked and presented in a meaningful way, but open source search engines, that allow full text search of any document like SOLR/Lucene, provide a good starting point for search implementation.