Welcoming dimension data to our family of customers

Jul 22, 2014

We’re thrilled to announce that Dimension Data has joined our fast-growing list of customers.

The Dimension Data deal is notable for a few reasons. It marks our foray into the Data Center Infrastructure management market – one that we think is primed for capitalizing on the various capabilities of our machine data analysis platform. And, that is exactly what Dimension Data is using Glassbeam for:

Why phone-home makes strategic sense?

May 31, 2014

I have come across many sales situations where customers are unsure or wary of asking their customers to send regular feeds of the machine-generated data (logs). This feature is known as phone-home or call-home. The fact is that all high technology devices, systems and networks are constantly generating all kinds of log data (syslogs, configs, stats, static etc). This is now called the Internet of Things (IoT) phenomenon.

Are you there yet? clouds are waiting…

May 09, 2014

Not all wars are bad. Surprisingly, there are wars that most individuals and groups enjoy – wars over pricing. Nothing is better than watching some of the biggest companies punching each other out with a “new pricing strategy”. This is a war that is good for the customer since the end result is an increase in goods delivered at a new reduced price.

Recently you might have been a part of a conversation that went something like:

"Can we reduce our IT infrastructure cost by 10…15% this year?"

"No boss, only by 30…40%"

"Are you insane? How?!"

Return on investment (roi) from log analytics solutions

Apr 29, 2014

The question of ROI comes up quite regularly in our sales discussions with prospects. It is natural for our buyers to delve on that topic since many evaluate GLASSBEAM SPEND WITH INTERNAL EFFORTS. We are no doubt on an evangelistic mission to convert naysayers inside product companies who think they can "build" such a solution on their own.

Typically there are three parts of GLASSBEAM VALUE that constitute a very compelling ROI:

The intersection of machine data analytics and the internet of things

Sep 08, 2013

The ability to gather and harness data from machines and devices connected to the net is increasingly becoming a source of competitive advantage for those who have been thinking ahead. GE is widely cited, with their INDUSTRIAL INTERNET initiative. Cisco has been talking about INTERNET OF EVERYTHING for a while. At Glassbeam, we have been focusing on the infrastructure required to process and analyze machine data for over 3 years now.

Build vs. buy dilemma in machine data analytics

Aug 29, 2013

Over the last few years of Glassbeam evolution, I have seen many of our customers and prospects grappling with the question of “build vs buy” when it comes to deploying a machine data analytics solution. It is no doubt intuitive for a product company to start thinking about building this as an in-house solution. Why? Because it is their products, log data, formats, and they know the best on what value they want to derive out of that. However, many of these home grown projects start with a big promise and deliver very little in the long term.

Scaling machine data analytics for the internet of things – introducing glassbeam scalar

Oct 21, 2013

from: Puneet Pandit, CEO, Glassbeam.

It’s a new era…

Welcome to the Internet of Things – where every connected physical device will generate volumes of machine data. And the key to extracting the intelligence and meaning locked inside this data will lie in a highly scalable platform and a set of applications. At Glassbeam, today marks the launch of that that truly next generation platform purpose-built for machine data analytics – Glassbeam SCALAR.

Big data: search vs. analysis

Oct 11, 2013

Early on in my career at SGI we built some interesting data management tools and data warehouses for processing world wide business data and BILL INMON was my hero(I am sure he was the hero for a lot of data geeks back then!).

This recent article on BIG DATA: SEARCH VS. ANALYSIS by him, is a great validation of the need for structure for analysis.

Log analysis on the cloud

Oct 03, 2013

Splunk is now going where their customers want them to go – to the CLOUD with an enterprise offering! Glassbeam has been offering an enterprise log analysis solution on the cloud for fortune 500 companies for a few years now, to analyze the data from their devices. Splunk’s log analysis is focused on Enterprise IT for the most part while Glassbeam has focused on Enterprise business users in support, engineering and service/sales.

Machine data analytics- a complete building block for enterprises

Srikanth Desikan
Jul 30, 2013

Working with our customers on analyzing their machine log data, we found various common usage patterns of the log data. First, the users in a support organization are troubleshooting and hence are most interested in searching, viewing logs and looking at specific sections or exploring various logs in a log bundle. This is a basic use case that requires correlating various logs in a bundle, whether they have a time stamp or not and allowing users to do full text and attribute based search on the logs( attributes are the output of parsed logs).