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Glassbeam is the premier machine data analytics company bringing structure and meaning to complex data generated from any connected machine in the Industrial IoT industry. Our next- generation cloud-based platform is designed to transform, analyze, and build Artificial Intelligence applications from multi-structured logs, for proactive predictive maintenance.

We help you make sense of complex machine data so you can put your data to work.

Minimize Unplanned Downtime

Today, imaging equipment like MRIs suffer 8-15 downtime events per year on average, and downtime per event is typically 6+ hours. This translates to unhappy patients, huge workflow disruption and hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue that healthcare providers can ill afford.

What if powerful analytics could solve all this?
Clinsights™ uses data analytics to optimize machine uptime and utilization of high-end imaging machines and the clinical staff.

We provide real time predictive and prescriptive insights to optimize required system maintenance.


By scheduling required service instead of reacting to an emergency dramatically improves system availability during operating hours – increasing system uptime, utilization and patient/staff satisfaction.

Importantly, providing “smart maintenance” with proactive alerts, predictive notifications, and prescriptive recommendations, translates to measurable business impact.

  • Increasing uptime to 99% allows recovery of 37 additional hours of billable time per machine
  • Over $662K in cost savings over 3 years due to fewer cryogen refills and proactive alerts with prescriptive analytics
  • Improved uptime translated into over $1.7 million dollars in recovered revenues over 3 years for a site with 10 MRIs and 10 CTs

Manage Fleet-wide Utilization to Improve
Patient Care

Deep and meaningful insights make your data actionable. Understand how each of your radiology assets is utilized and areas of optimization to increase utilization. Not only can Glassbeam provide insight, but we can also predict the future — what’s going to happen based on the data patterns we are seeing.

Glassbeam’s Utilization Analytics enables radiology group managers to track asset utilization across the entire fleet of multiple OEM products and modalities, with drill-downs based on procedure type, procedure duration, uptime and idle time. This feature combines utilization and uptime data to ensure inventory is being used optimally while identifying critical uses to maximize uptime and generate key dashboards. As a result, load balancing operational decisions became effective by identifying the facilities and machines that are under or overutilized.

It also provides the ability to track utilization per machine and facility over time, to make effective capital expenditure decisions.

  • Understand Referral trends, top referrers, delta changes in referrals, exam mix, exam volume and identify opportunities to increase referrals and improve examination mix
  • Maximize existing investment by optimizing device utilization, improve technologist skills, optimize their shifts and enhance patient
  • Optimize exam duration and procedure scheduling to help increase throughput and reduce the backlog
  • Identify variations across facilities, standardize processes and optimize protocols to increase throughput and provide consistency of care

Operational Efficiency to Optimize

Staffing and Patient Scheduling

Lack of visibility and predictability into machine performance, equipment utilization and referral patterns drive a high degree of reactivity. Consolidating and analyzing equipment data can be used to predict failures to realize full equipment utilization and staff appropriately for an effective and efficient operation.

We provide real time proactive, predictive and prescriptive insights for machine maintenance and comprehensive utilization information to optimize staffing and patient scheduling for hospitals, clinics and private radiology groups.

  • Staffing gets easier – schedule staffing of all personnel and especially top of license radiologists based on patient demand
  • Schedule staff for training by reviewing statistics on “retesting” due to operator error
  • Enhance patient experience: Reduce wait times, avoid rescheduling and travel to another facility that negatively impacts patient experience and promotes revenue leakage
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