From Automation to Prediction: The Future of Medical Equipment Management Today.

The conventional process for managing medical equipment is mired in inefficient, labor-intensive and unnecessarily costly practices that go back decades. Glassbeam is the first compny to offer a proven, forward-thinking solution to disrupt these outdated approaches. This software as a service (SaaS) offering, marketed as ClinsightsTM, takes full advantage of artificial intelligence to maximize uptime, minimize parts and labor expenses, and ultimately, provide a new level of control over your fleet of medical equipment, no matter the type of modality or medical device manufacturer.

ClinsightsTM is a uniquely compelling solution that flips standard medical equipment management practices on their head, transforming them from reactive to predictive. For hospitals, clinics and imaging centers, Glassbeam’s solution enhances revenue growth, reduces operational costs and improves the experiences of patients and staff. For independent service organizations (ISOs), it generates new efficiencies across the board, allowing these firms to manage more with less.

Glassbeam’s initial push into data-driven medical equipment management solutions focuses on imaging equipment, but its easy to see how the benefits of this offering have broader implications for managing medical equipment generally for other segments such as bio medical and lab diagnostic machines”.

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