PTC and Glassbeam to Showcase Industry Leadership in Internet of Things Analytics

Author : Vijay Vasudevan Sep 15, 2016

We are working with our partner PTC to produce a series of thought-leadership materials aimed at helping developers, business managers, Internet of Things enthusiasts get started on the ThingWorx Analytics Internet of Things (IoT) platform. Here’s the announcement from PTC on the upcoming thought leadership meetups:

Glassbeam Lifts Gold as Most Innovative Company of the Year by Best in Biz Awards 2016

Author : Vijay Vasudevan Sep 06, 2016

Recently, Glassbeam was named the most innovative company of the year by Best in Biz Awards 2016 International.  We were acknowledged due to our innovative approach at successfully developing unique machine data analytics solutions in the Internet of Things (IoT) market. This award recognizes our approach to successfully introducing innovations to increase...

7 Must Have Items on Your Checklist Before You Consider Machine Data Analysis

Author : Vijay Vasudevan Jun 05, 2016

These are the 7 key factors that highlight whether performing machine data analysis realizes credible value for you. 1. Prepare the raw data — Most of machine data are in the form of logs. Industrial machines are constantly producing valuable operational data (call-home data) on configuration, performance, usage, and other important parameters that define the...

Market validation in one wonderful iot landscape

Author : DEVANG MEHTA May 15, 2016

Matt Turck at FirstMark recently wrote a wonderful post that outlined the CURRENT IOT LANDSCAPE (Glassbeam mentioned under Analytics) and the reasons for the somewhat slow growth of the marketplace despite all the surrounding hype. While we agree that lack of standards and security considerations continue to impede the growth of IoT, we believe that there are...

On to liveworx 2016

Author : DEVANG MEHTA May 06, 2016

We’re just about wrapping up a wonderful week at TSW in San Diego where we met with tons of Support practitioners and discussed with them numerous ways to help them transform their Support organizations into Profit Centers. Now, we’re getting prepped for LIVEWORX – traditionally the biggest Conference for us every year LiveWorx is big – both on account of our...

IIOT trends to be aware of

Author : VIJAY VASUDEVAN Apr 29, 2016

IIoT promises to transform the industrial landscape. Customers expect the industrial product usage experience to match the retail, such as the Apple iPhone or Amazon shopping. So, when customers engage with machines, they expect equally intuitive and seamless experiences. For example, a doctor’s interaction with a medical device that helps conduct surgeries is...

Tis the season of conferences

Author : DEVANG MEHTA Apr 21, 2016

Glassbeam is gearing up for Conference season – we are going to be attending two major events in Q2. First, is TSW – the marquee event of TSIA – an organization that caters closely with the needs of Support professionals. Support (and Services), as you might know, is one of our key horizontals – our key messages of predictive maintenance, reducing MTTR,...

Partnering with tsia to transform support organizations

Author : CARLOS QUEZADA Apr 14, 2016

I must admit – the impetus for this post is squarely ANOTHER POST written by Judith Platz at TSIA. Judith writes about issues rampant in the Customer Service world. Rising costs, lower-to-flat revenues, increasingly entitled customers demanding better, faster and more personalized services – all inevitably leading to decreased CSAT. All this leading to ‘...

Actionable feedback right through edge computing

Author : ASHOK AGARWAL Apr 07, 2016

Continuing our discussion on Edge Computing and Analytics ….. Remember WE SAID that a key benefit of Edge was Local Decision Making. Typically, that will preclude access to the install base data. However, there is a wealth of information which can be gleaned from the install base data (such as machine learning output). It seems a shame to not be able to utilize...

Brookings weighs in on bright prospects for iot

Author : DEVANG MEHTA Mar 31, 2016

This morning, I read a fascinating compilation of thoughts on IoT in the Brookings Institution’s TECHTANK newsletter. What caught my eye first was the title, “Alternate Perspectives on Internet of Things.” The article is a series of brief opinions by six Brookings fellows. The six fellows include DARRELL M. WEST, vice president and director of Governance Studies...