What’s On the Chief Data Officers’ Table to Wrestle Data Preparation

Author : Vijay Vasudevan May 02, 2017

The need for proper tool to organize and understand the underlying patterns in machine data exists. From what we’ve been hearing, that’s gripping the Chief Data Officer’s mind. Why? From a data strategy point of view, we often hear whether it makes sense to store and build a historical archive of a particular piece of data. The cue to make a firm decision comes...

Why Heavy Product Manufacturers Should Pay Attention to Customer Service Now More than Ever

Author : Apr 19, 2017

By ‘heavy product’ we mean those in the business of producing turbines, medical imaging devices, HVACs, converged infrastructure, escalators, elevators, mining equipment, oil & gas rigs, and so on. Have a look at the Servitization section of The Manufacture’s Barclays Annual Manufacturing Report (AMR) 2017, you’ll find a couple of interesting trends emerging...

What's Shaping the Industrial Internet of Things Network?

Author : Vijay Vasudevan Apr 12, 2017

Industrial internet network is a complex mix up of OT, IT, and business operations setup. At the heart of the large computing that’s going to take place is the infrastructure. It’s not just high speed data transmission networks that are going to define the reliability of the infrastructure, it’s the many sub layers that need to meet at the vortex to make IIoT...

Puneet (CEO) to speak at 2016 IoT Summit, Chicago

Author : Vijay Vasudevan Nov 08, 2016

Glassbeam is pleased to announce Puneet (CEO) will be sharing some great insights on Machine Data Analytics on Nov 9 at the IoT Summit, Chicago. Puneet will share how Glassbeam is creating value for product manufacturers from machine logs and the importance of partnerships at summit. The presentation is scheduled to begin at 10:15 am. Other principle speakers...

Key Takeaways from Our Oct 13, 2016 Podcast: "Putting Machine Data to Work"

Author : Vijay Vasudevan Oct 17, 2016

                This is a tiny recap on the webinar while focusing on some of the most pertinent questions asked by the participants. In case you missed the webinar, you’re likely to find some useful insights by just going over the Q&A session we’ve tried to summarize here. Bret, Ryan, and Puneet collectively traversed the entire chain of churning machine...

Webinar: Putting Machine Data to Work with IoT Analytics

Author : Vijay Vasudevan Oct 09, 2016

Webinar Title: Putting Machine Data to Work with IoT Analytics When: October 13, 2016 Starts: 2:00pm ET Ends: 3:00pm ETRegister Now   On September 07, PTC announced a webinar series to highlight the growing importance of collecting and analyzing machine data. Coming up next week on October 13 — as part of the series, executive leaders from Glassbeam, PTC, and...

Five Things to Consider When Selecting an IoT Analytics Solution

Author : Chris Kuntz Oct 07, 2016

In a recent report, Gartner estimates that 5.5 million new things are getting connected every day during 2016, and will reach 20.8 billion by 2020.  The sheer amount of data that these devices will generate is simply mind-boggling – but it is data that businesses need to process in order to make insightful decisions that will give them an edge over their...

PTC and Glassbeam to Showcase Industry Leadership in Internet of Things Analytics

Author : Vijay Vasudevan Sep 15, 2016

We are working with our partner PTC to produce a series of thought-leadership materials aimed at helping developers, business managers, Internet of Things enthusiasts get started on the ThingWorx Analytics Internet of Things (IoT) platform. Here’s the announcement from PTC on the upcoming thought leadership meetups:

Glassbeam Lifts Gold as Most Innovative Company of the Year by Best in Biz Awards 2016

Author : Vijay Vasudevan Sep 06, 2016

Recently, Glassbeam was named the most innovative company of the year by Best in Biz Awards 2016 International.  We were acknowledged due to our innovative approach at successfully developing unique machine data analytics solutions in the Internet of Things (IoT) market. This award recognizes our approach to successfully introducing innovations to increase...

7 Must Have Items on Your Checklist Before You Consider Machine Data Analysis

Author : Vijay Vasudevan Jun 05, 2016

These are the 7 key factors that highlight whether performing machine data analysis realizes credible value for you. 1. Prepare the raw data — Most of machine data are in the form of logs. Industrial machines are constantly producing valuable operational data (call-home data) on configuration, performance, usage, and other important parameters that define the...