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We deliver analytical insights, leverage machine complex data, and empower end-users with business intelligence.


At Glassbeam we are at the convergence of two very hot trends – SAAS AND BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE. In this economy, companies need to invest in understanding and retaining their customers. They need to figure out ways to provide greater value to their existing customers by understanding how their products are used, satisfying unstated customer needs and providing faster resolution to existing product issues.

What is product operational data?

Innovation in the data center and in all computer-based systems is driving efficiency gains and cost savings. At the same time, innovations are creating more complex systems that are more difficult to understand and diagnose. For insight into these systems that can help you solve the problems, you can analyze the system’s operational data.

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Product analytics – behind the scenes

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Look into Glassbeam’s technology. See the power of SPL to parse semi-structured data.

Product intelligence and analytics

The Emergence of Product Analytics & Intelligence

A new Harbor Research White Paper explores the game changing impact of product analytic tools.

Early adopters of product analytic tools—particularly IT equipment and infrastructure providers—see its game changing impact. They believe product analytics will bend the traditional value chain into a “feedback loop”; valuable information from connected products will continually flow back through the complex business alliances that create, deliver, and support those devices.

Glassbeam: Fusion and Analysis

“How to Find the Right Data Scientist” Webinar